A List of Wedding Resources You Should Commit To.

Say I do to a grand opera house wedding, Sabyasachi’s favourite make-up artist,

trousseau-matching tattoos, surreal wedding flowers, #MehndiForMen.



The Kokun clan recycles Hindi newspapers, colours them using natural pigments like turmeric, madder and hibiscus petals, deckles the edges and garnishes them with dried flowers. This handmade paper sheet set is sitting pretty, waiting to be asked to your wedding.


Kokun.in, Instagram: @kokun.india.


If you must send a paper invite for your impending nuptials, pick one that grows into a marigold plant, a spray of wildflowers, a patch of purple vegetables. We’re phools for Plantables’ seed paper that is biodegradable, 100% wood free and made up of waste cotton scraps. While they have a bunch of pre-designed wedding templates, we prefer their striking, solid coloured seed papers that can also be used for thank you notes and wedding itineraries.

Plantables.store, garima@plantables.store, Instagram: @plantables.store


What if your mehendi designs were conceptualised by one of India's buzziest graphic

designers? On your behalf, we asked nicely, and Shweta Malhotra agreed. When she

isn't busy designing digital covers for international magazines or collaborating with

leading brands, she can lend her contemporary aesthetic to design your wedding – 

invites and logos, henna design templates and thank you cards.

design@shwetamalhotra.in, Instagram: @shwetamalhotra.

Velvet Ribbon

Petals Deas, ex stylist at Vogue India, built a business out of her impeccable taste.

She and her team create luxe flower arrangements, personalised stationery and gift

wraps, that will elevate your invites and back presents. Also ask if they'll do your

boutonnieres and corsages.  

9819922305, www.velvetribbon.in, Instagram: @velvetribbon.in, Facebook:


Zeenat Kulavoor

Typographer Zeenat Kulavoor, who has conducted Urdu calligraphy workshops at art

galleries like Tarq, is just the pen pal you need to make before your wedding. She has

collaborated with brands like Goodearth and GQ India, and designed typography for

Ankur & The Ghalat Family. See her multilingual lettering wedding cards here. 

zeenatkulavoor.com, Instagram: @zeekulavoor.


Great Eastern Home

Still haven’t found a venue? Chill the duck out and follow us to this Byculla pond,
which can be the view for your ‘I do’. Situated on the sprawling property of antique
furniture dealers at The Great Eastern Home, this room can house 250 guests and
allows alcohol at the premises (as long as you apply for a one day license). You can
also rent their non-antique furniture as decor props.

25-29, Dr Ambedkar Road, Byculla East, 23770079, Instagram:

Ministry of New

A maze of rooms in a heritage building filled with plants, natural light and swings
feels like just the place to host a pre-wedding brunch. Yes, Ministry of New's day job
is that of a co-working space, but it more-than-often moonlights as a venue for
shoots, events, whisky tastings and parties. Hey, if it’s  good enough for Deepika
Padukone, it’s good enough for you.

66356505, www.ministryofnew.in, enquiry@ministryofnew.in, Instagram:
@ministryofnew, Facebook: @ministryofnew.

Mukesh Mills

“Sometimes when you whisper a secret in a crowded room, nobody hears it,” a friend

once told us, which is a great analogy for Mukesh Mills, a venue that isn't even on

social media – gasp! Imagine six acres of land placed right on the water’s edge that

makes the sea appear like an infinity pool, bang in the middle of Colaba. The outside

is perfect for winter wedding al fresco scenes, while the two inside air conditioned

halls with vertiginously high ceilings, are more suited for noisy, hands-in-the-air

sangeet nights. FYI: MukeshMills has previously posed as the locale for innumerable

Bollywood film and ad shoots and international embassy events.  

Location here, 9137158202, saurabh@tciil.in.