The Definitive Home Improvement List

Our favourite lights and linens, furniture and flower subscriptions, crockery and candles, mattresses and marvellous decor. PS: click brand name for images.


NID graduate and award-winning stop motion filmmaker Ruchi Bakshi Sharma makes the most marvellous shadow boxes, lenticulars and optical toys. A peek inside an AIRdrome glass fronted shadow box reveals a "personal shrine" set-up displaying 3D paper assemblages, usually depicting worship-worthy women in dream-like scapes. Here, many-limbed ladies drive away darkness, talk to birds, plumb to the depths of the ocean for treasure and fly through the heavens on beams of light to bring you good vibes. You would do well to invite them into your home.

9820938322,, Instagram: @_airdrome, Rs 9,500 for A Girl of Abundance shadow box.


This globally renowned design and manufacturing label employs local, sustainable and repurposed materials while innovatively combining ancient Indian techniques with high-tech modelling. The result is a comprehensive, meaningful range of furniture, lighting and accessories for every room. Friends, gather around our favourite sleek Makoda table for dinner, after which you can retire to read on AKFD’s lovely Loom lounger or a chair that appears to be smiling. Next, set your drink(s) down on a sculptural Hepworth side table or a swarm of Hive ones inspired by honeycombs, which also work outdoors as garden benches. Sweet!

RIICO Industrial Area, Sitapura, Jaipur, 8952094400,, Instagram: @akfdstorey, Facebook: @AKFDStudio , Rs 11,450 for sculptural side table.


UNESCO-awarded furniture, lighting and home decor are available to shop at AnanTaya, an interdisciplinary lifestyle design studio by Ayush and Geetanjali Kasliwal. This Jaipur gem employs skilled artisans and talented designers, while following all the right practises - fair trade, small batch production and sustainability. At their physical and online store, you can shop some of our favourites: out-of-this-world UFO Cup Saucers; hand beaten molten gold orbs that can be used as art or for lighting; handwoven Samosa beanbags; and their lovely new Ichhai lamp crafted from Jamdani fabric in Bengal. Joy!

Store locator, Instagram: @anantaya_decor, Facebook: @AnantayaDecor & Twitter: @AnantayaDecor, Rs 5,980 for an Ichhai lamp. 

Arjun Rathi

This architect and lighting designer is making waves with his sprawling-yet-sleek creations, all dark metal and minimal globe bulbs. We love his playful chandeliers, but he also offers a great collection of standing lamps in distinct shapes.

22624620,, Instagram: @rathiarjun, Facebook: @arjunrathiarchitect, starts at Rs 33,700.


Artemis’ planters, fountain bowls & outdoor seats used to be quarry dust in a past life. The geniuses at this Ahmedabad facility figured out how to use the dust that was otherwise causing air pollution and mountain destruction, as aggregates for their cast stone, available in colours like Red Dynasty and Dholpur Orange. This material they use to make pretty much everything from panels on a 6-storey building to planters the size of your palm. Our favourites: planters with fluted, crumpled and twisted effects and bases that rock; sleek pedestals (to display all the antique busts you’ve been collecting), outdoor seats that look like Wonderland pebbles and baby fountains. Trickle or treat!

GF-17, Unique Park, Ahmedabad, 9909914247,, Instagram: @artemiscaststone, prices start at Rs 800.

Ashiesh Shah Atelier

This atelier, run by renowned architect Ashiesh Shah, pays homage to Indian craftsmen while staying loyal to its wabi-sabi aesthetic. Its objects and furniture pieces - that could well be mistaken for art - aim to challenge the boundaries of scale and alter the perception of lesser known Indian crafts. The striking Channapatna wood work from Karnataka, for instance, finds itself on seats; Meghalaya’s longpi is used to make waist-high vases, Kashmiri papier mache translates to Srinagar Totems that light up from within. Our favourites: a five legged chair that wears a traditional grass Naga raincoat and a stackable alabaster four wick candle (great for gifting).

9967797006,, Instagram:@ashieshshahatelier, Rs 35,000 for a Longpi vase.

Baro Market

This virtual ‘market’ offers a cornucopia of cool things - merino wool rugs from Kashmir, soft furnishings and pottery from Kolkata, ikhat banana fibre mats from South India, Gond art from Madhya Pradesh. At the centre of it all is Baro Market founder Srila Chatterjee, who travels across the country to identify the right artisans and entrepreneurs to showcase. Crafty!, Instagram: @baromarket, Facebook: @BAROMARKETINDIA, Rs 1,950 for 6 mats.

Bharat Floorings and Tiles

Now let’s talk tiles. How about you get yours at Bharat Floorings and Tiles, a design house that has, in its 98 year history, floored architects, celebrities, restaurateurs - their patterned designs have won UNESCO awards - and manufactured tiles for restorations at Mumbai’s Royal Opera House & Knesset Eliyahoo Jewish Synagogue. In its latest International collection, skilfully crafted tiles showcase folk art from global indigenous communities - Sumi-e inspired by East Asian brush paintings; Kalocsa from Hungarian embroidery; hand-painted horse motifs for Fileteado; and Cirebon, bearing Indonesian batik influences. Home is where the art is.

Store locator  here, Instagram:  @bharatfloorings, Facebook:  @BharatFloors & Twitter:  @bharatfloors, prices start at Rs 250 for Heritage tiles.


It’s hard not to carry your blanket and toothbrush to the Camelot store, in the hope that they will let you move in. Spread over a grand old manor at Kemp’s Corner, with courtyards and stairs and lush terraces, this Bombay store painstakingly restores one-of-a-kind pieces and custom makes furniture that are nods to the Colonial, Art Deco and Mid-Century eras. Think canopied daybeds and rosewood art deco  benches, Burma teak Portuguese  altars and teakwood  dowry chests. They have an  online store as well, and offer interior design services. Knights, get your round table (and more) at Camelot. 

9820000641,, Instagram:  @camelot.india, Facebook:  @camelot127, desks starting at Rs 22,000/-

Chitti Mitti

A UX designer by day and potter by night, Surabhi Singh’s hand painted ceramics will buoy your spirits. Cups and bowls bear motifs of the tiniest rainbowsflip flops in the rain and other pet projects that hope to put an end to the cat person-dog person debate. Yes, you can be both. Pretty without being too precious, Chitti Mitti’s whimsy will appeal to grown-ups too.

7760369051, Instagram: @chittimitti_homes, starts at Rs 700.


Crio puts the 'concrete' in concrete jungle, offering city slickers solid options for furniture, planters and bric-a-brac. Here, the usual concrete aesthetic gets a bit of a do-over, with tiny details setting it apart from other brands working with the material. Colours bleed into each other on table tops; the lip of an ashtray curves to one side like Mick Jagger's mouth; lavender-purple swirls fill out a wash basin; and lushly coloured planters wait to upstage your ficus. Take a leaf from Crio. 

90/1 Sunrise Park, Drive In Road, Ahmedabad, 8849869755,, Instagram: @concrete.crio, Facebook: @criodecor, Rs 650 for a concrete ashtray. 

The Design Concierge

How about a picture frame so trippy, the art you put in it may have to play second fiddle! Gain fresh perspectives at The Design Concierge, where founder Shivani Mittal re-imagines frames whose edges appear like Indian step wells (architecture is a constant fount of inspiration), a surreal row of endless door frames, a shifting zig-zag that could give Hitchcock vertigo. This multidisciplinary art studio will continue to launch series of limited edition "functional art and collectible design objects" and, if you ask nicely, they'll also customise and commission an art installation for you. They recently created wooden coffee table books for a voracious reader; bookmark this! 

Look Book:,, Instagram: @thedesignconcierge, Facebook: @tdcbyshivanimittal, prices start at Rs 10,000. 

Etisha Collective

Towels in the colour and consistency of whipped cream, are fresh off the weave in a Turkish town where towels were first invented. These are woven especially for Berlin-based Etisha, which ships deliciously luxe, organic bath, beach & spa towels to India. You’ll love their ultra-soft, ultra-chic Plush & Bare fringed bath towels; and their easy-to-pack-for-the-beach Mute Eloquence line - their most complex weave - in a colour as pale as a watercolour sun.  

India: +91 9867472141 & Europe: +40 736 049 477,, Instagram: @etishacollective, Facebook: @etishacollective, starts at Rs 5,500.

Foam Home

As the saying goes, it is what’s underneath that matters. Now that your bed has zeroed in on the chicest sheets, it’s time to invest in a marvellous mattress. Enter Foam Home, a Mumbai based company that evolved from a humble mattress refurbisher in the 70s to the country’s premier sleep innovator. In their globally-patented Ergoshell mattress, they employ pressure mapping devices to design mattresses that are at once cosy and ergonomically sound. Available in versions made with memory foam and latex; and soft and firm styles. Talk about your dream team! 

69, Girnar Building, Tardeo Road, 23515234 / 5053 / 4135,, Instagram: @foamhomeindia, Facebook: @Foamhome, Rs 31,250 for a single bed latex Ergoshell mattress. 

Freedom Tree

A new summer 2021 collection sits under this Tree, making it Christmas in July. Unwrap Unbound, a line that celebrates the abundance and indigenous communities of our forests, via textile, furniture, dining, and decor. See Udanti Vessel cushions, Sabai grass baskets, striking Pui pink leaf plates and a bird motif baby cot. Tweet about this., Instagram: @freedomtreehome, Rs 440 and up. 

Fusion Access

This interior design studio and boutique specialises in crafting luxury bespoke furniture. Relying on precision and fine craftsmanship, they work closely with renowned interior designers and architects to learn, innovate and hone their skills as they translate design concepts into “personalised moveables". The result: a constantly evolving roster of designs that can be tweaked while ordering or made entirely from scratch. Think luxe velvet settees, hand painted consoles, brass tables, ornate mirrors and more. Their online portal,, employs technology to digitise the customisation process, and also helps designers, brands and customers to seamlessly work together. The hope is to create a digital community within the design industry. 

Mercantile House, 4th floor, 708 Magazine Street, Darukhana, Reay Road (E), 9321750027,, Instagram: @fusionaccess.mumbai, Facebook: @fusionaccessmumbai, price based on customisations.

Glass Forest

We’d happily be Romeo to Glass Forest's Juliette, which is a bevy of dreamy glass bottles with swan necks + canary-coloured carafes and cocktail glasses, inspired by the Incalmo glass blowing technique. And while you’re getting a big drink of water at this Forest, also enjoy the old-world charm of the ribbed Firdaus bottles. For the grand finale, ask them to set up a Ripples and Flight installation in your home - a carnival of glass ripples with lacquered brass birds frozen in mid flight.

9958140635/8810625886,, Instagram: @_glass_forest_, Facebook: @glassforestdesign, starts at Rs 2,000.

Harshita Jhamtani Furniture & Lighting

Harshita’s Earth table lamps bloom like wild, rebellious mushrooms in the monsoon. Hand crafted in egg white, black and the shyest pink, these glazed and unglazed lights have bases that are ribbed, inspired by Dino scales and rolls of flab. While we have you here and switched on, let us also lead you to the lighting label's Wilo wall lights and mirrors - round terrazzo planets (in blush, black and white) you’d love to inhabit. They are pretty, can survive the outdoors and can be customised.

9167091577,, Instagram @harshitajhamtanidesigns, Facebook @harshitajhamtanidesigns, prices start at Rs 5,300 for a table lamp. 

House of Flowers By Marry Me

It would do you well to be best buds with this florist, who is also Bandra’s favourite wedding planner. Say “I do” to House of Flower's subscription service, which sends over striking floral arrangements (every week/fortnight/month) that call themselves Sexy Sadie & Imagine. Of course, you can opt for a one-time flower fling as well (read: occasion bouquets for gifting), but we suggest you commit to the subscription that is a guaranteed source of optimism. The flowers here are handpicked + surprisingly well priced compared to the competition, and ordering via their WhatsApp is super smooth.

9029021178,, Instagram: @houseofflowersbymarryme, Facebook: @houseofflowersbymarryme, subscriptions start at Rs 700.


Hurtado celebrates 17th-19th century masterpieces From Europe, Asia and America by using the sincerest form of flattery - faithful imitations. They craft their favourite museum pieces and auction designs from scratch, using the finest materials - rosewood, mahogany, pollard burl, sycamore; foundry cast brass; and luxe marble. The result is a full collection of living, dining, bedroom furniture and home accessories displayed at their Worli store. The most delicious, decadent pieces: a lustrous Gothic style Demilune Console; an English Library chair with arms and legs carved into Pangolin tails; a brass Dragon Table Lamp; and a seriously regal wooden foosball table with monkey and tiger players. Roar for more!

9892177074,, Instagram:, Facebook: @hurtado.india, collectables starts at Rs 46,582.

Ikai Asai

Every dining table desire you’ve ever harboured takes form at Ikai Asai, where India’s natural marvels and materials are employed to create voluptuous vases, stone sculpted peg measures and nearly blue carafes.  Each collection is designed in tandem with one maverick collaborator - Dharmesh Jadeja for Deva; Rina Singh for Lila; Ayush Kasliwal for Kama and Ashiesh Shah for Junoon. Few  brands have been able to marry so beautifully, the Indian aesthetic with a global language; see longpi Globular vase;  Kashmir-made papier mache Laalta planter; white wine glasses crafted in Rajasthan; and serpentine stoneware dinner sets from Maharashtra. PS: how cute is their new Pickling Kit, made so you can preserve a bit of summer (50% of the proceeds go towards COVID relief) - a fitting season finale! 

8693862041,, Instagram: @ikaiasai, Facebook: @ikaiasai, Rs 350 for a Lamera glass bottle.

Indian Alchemy

This brand new apothecary's  soaps feel like someone scaled mountains, lived on farms and pushed through bramble to forage for ingredients. A semi-sheer aloe bar showcases lavender sprigs embedded inside it; a cerulean Himalayan cedarwood-honey soap is studded with Ambrette seeds; and a shea butter-charcoal-vanilla one in the shape of a caramel custard mould, is sprinkled with coffee grounds. All soaps are handmade, contain good-for-you fruit enzymes + all-natural everything. S(t)uds! 

9820938322, Instagram:  @indian_alchemy_, Rs 250 each.


Josmo has its head in international clouds and its feet firmly planted in India. The result is an armada of furniture that at once reflects global design and fine Indian heart-manship. Take the Mamba Bunai Chair for instance, a super stylised seat crafted with an intricately woven rustic cane back that could feel at home anywhere in the world. Our other favourite Josmo pieces: an olive green Zeplin Lounge Chair which takes design cues from the 1900's Zeppelin airship; the swoon-worthy velvet and brass Gatsby Ottoman that should come with its own smelling salts; a Cancun Console that smacks of summer vacations; the four poster Mayor Bed, which appears as a chic, restful island; a minimalist fluted Ryga Dining Table for hearts that want less. Follow the Josmo Instagram for their new collection launching on August 16th.

FC Goa House H No.850, Porvorim, Goa, 7820890019,, Instagram: @josmostudio, Facebook: @josmostudio, Rs 16,500 for a dining chair.

Kalakaari Haath

If you constantly find yourself up against a wall, we hope at least that the wall is well dressed. Enter Kalakaari Haath, where an architect and her team handcraft the loveliest rolls of wallpaper, limned with lavender leopardslush foliagelime treespink palms, and black and white jungles. Also awww-some is their Junior range inspired by the magic of Enid Blyton, featuring periwinkle forests and elephants reaching for the moon. We’ll take a trunk full of these, please! Here, hand-painted motifs are converted into printed wallpapers - they also do elegant decals - truly giving your room the touch and feel of a Kalakaari Haath.

Shop at, call 9819972390, Instagram: @kalakaarihaath, Facebook: @Kalakaarihath, Rs 9,000 and up per roll.

Length Breadth Height (LBH)

Designer Luv Rohra knows how to do playful without being too kitsch. His PAC MAN Vase for instance, borrows silhouettes from your childhood arcade, but presents it in an earthy, smooth terracotta avatar; also see Terra wall sconces. The real Luv song though, is reserved for LBH's star swing, a grown-up ode to nature with sleek hardware supporting a bohemian, leaf-shaped cane seat., Instagram: @length.breadth.height, start at Rs 9,900.

Le Mill Home

Co-founder Cecelia Morelli is the chief chair-person at Le Mill Home, putting her keen eye for design to good use. Take advantage of this robust curation, where you can shop for furniture and lights from heavy weights like Case Goods, Phantom Hands, Rooshad Shroff and Ravi Vazirani, but also discover lovely brands like Veena Pottery, Georgia Macmillan, Ikai Aasai, Heirloom Naga and Ecru. bpb Loves:  Mermaid glasses, Standing Straight lamp, Hand Pinched jug and  Handcarded scarlet wool rug

1st floor, Pheroze Building, Colaba, 9967079212, shop at, Instagram: @lemill, Facebook:  @lemillindia, Rs 750 for a mermaid glass.


Drape yourself around Limón's Sari Chair collection, which is striking and snug all at once. Their design team uses ethnic weaves and textiles, including saris, to upholster proud wingback, accent, club and slipper chairs, thus combining modern forms with Indian crafts. While the Tobias Sari Chair offers a mixed palette of prints, the Daisy is reminiscent of your grandmother’s old-world floral sari that is now back in fashion. Gather a pleat…er fleet of these. Note: all Sari Chairs are made-to-order only, customised for your home’s colour tones and aesthetic.

1/29 C Shanti Niketan, Delhi (visits by appointment only), 8826278883,, Instagram: @limonstory, Facebook: @limonstory & Twitter: @limonstoryRs 55,000 for a Sari Wingback Chair.

Mahendra Doshi Est 1974

Chiki Doshi’s sprawling room of wonders might be the best real estate in Bombay –filled with antique furniture and curios to match. Here you’ll find brass chairs Jeanneret would have lusted after, a big marble bathtub, Romanesque pillars with a beautiful old fan perched on top – plus a killer sea view. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a peacock; or a perfect Art Deco bar trolley for your living room.

9820191755,, Instagram: @mahendra_doshi_est_1974, Facebook: @mahendra_doshi_est_1974, Rs 12,000 for an Antique Lion’s Head.

Misa Candles

Show some love for our newest flame, Misa, a luxury candlemaker whose 100% soy wax candles will teleport you to woody forests and enchanted gardens. Glowing in their store you will find 19 candles (made in France & USA), distinguished by smoky + earthy tones (Blush, in glam gold jars); fresh, sparkling fragrances (Forever in sexy matte black jars); heady concoctions (Serendipity in chic pastel jars). Our two scents: Cypress-Pine and Pear-Amber; see also their bespoke gifting options.

6232362323,, Instagram:  @misa_candles, Rs 1,090 for a Goodnight Kiss candle.

Nama Home

It's true you shouldn't rest on your laurels, but you can - and you should - rest on Nama Home's achievements, which include chairs that spiral and twist according to the will of its makers. Italy-educated Namit Khanna and his team work almost exclusively with metal, remembering to always add a playful dimension to furniture and objects that otherwise subscribe to minimalism. See for instance their shapely, trophy gold Ohio seat and crowd-favourite O2  and O3 chairs with lovely, loopy armrests. Perch here while we take you through the rest of their creations - a serene YinYang coffee table that geniusly houses within it two peg tables; Jumbo bookends; a vintage- modern mash-up Fossil chandelier; and a pitch black halo-shaped candle stand that you should always circle back to.

Whatsapp 7905336382,, Instagram:, Rs 45,000 for the YinYang coffee table.


It’s tough to make crochet sexy, but Neeknots’ figure-hugging oversized gloved bulbs bring the oomph to art. Also for grown ups: contemporary  Abacus  lamps made with stacks of spheres; umbrella lampshades; geometric throws; and “immortal” daisy bouquets. That’s not to say that founding mother-daughter duo, Neena and Sanina can’t charm you with cutsie crochet delights as well - shop their baby line  toysfurniture and adorable  swings. We love that this young studio’s mission is to empower women in their homes and create a prolific crochet community, giving tight-knit a whole new meaning.

9925026901,, Instagram:  @neeknots, Rs 7,500 for a lampshade.


This tableware and home decor label’s new offerings are right out of a pastel daydream: rose pink scalloped bowls and shell plates, butter yellow ceramic pots with glass lids, sky blue bake dishes. Shop for full dinner sets (classic whites with gold edges + playful prints), super useful storage solutions and decor thingamajigs that stretch from vases and taper candles to fabulous faux lilies. 

9903504754,, Instagram:, Facebook:, starts at Rs 120.

Phillips Antiques

One of the most respected antique furniture and artefact dealers in Bombay, with plenty of options for anything you might need. We especially love their collection of antique art, including an assortment of glass paintings and Raja Ravi Varma oleographs from the 1920s. In the furniture department, you'll find us fussing over a forest of supersized planters and a 1940s grain-pounding low table from Nagaland. 

7304431963,, Instagram: @phillips_antiques, Facebook: @Phillipsantique, Rs 65,000 for an oleograph. 

Pride Furnishings

Pride Furnishings is over 40 years old - it has seen the inside of many, many celebrity homes - but it is far from fuddy duddy. Impeccable quality control, worldly connections and a constantly updated design vocabulary makes Pride Furnishings feel like that cool but dependable friend we all need. Their e-store lets you shop for plush bedding, and a seriously vast range of gorgeous fabrics waiting to be turned into curtains, blinds and upholstery (ask after their rich oriental and Aztec tapestries) sourced from around the world. Meanwhile, we've really taken a shine to their wallpapers printed with fish and monkeys and birds, and luxe mosaic designs.

Call 9819198700 / WhatsApp 9867032746,, Instagram: @pridefurnishings, Facebook: @pridefurnishings & Twitter: @pridefurnishing, prices start at Rs 3,392 + GST for a bedsheet and case set.


You’d be surprised at how quickly a thick, creamy Saphed duvet can transform your bedroom – and your sleep. Available in a palette of impeccably neutral yet interesting colours (our favourite is Gulabjal), Saphed offers bed linens, curtains, cushions and more recently, apparel made out of the best linen, made even yummier with details like wooden buttons and contrast stitching., Instagram: @saphedhome, starts at Rs 599.


Elevate your experience of entertaining  guests with Shazé's Hosting Range, a definitive collection of glassware, decanters, brew ware & bar tools - everything you need to throw a perfect get together. For your next soirée, check out their martini glasses, crystal champagne coupes, wine coolers, ice buckets, chic coffee makers and bewitching tea ware.Meanwhile, oriental porcelain Soba bowls, sushi plates, sake sets and colourful bakeware spell elegant dinner. Shazé also houses decor objects like idols, animal and motivational figurines; as well as cufflinkswatchesperfumes and jewellery to keep the home owner looking dapper.

9137433706,, Instagram: @shazeindia, starts at Rs 2000.

Shades of India

The Cinnabar Kaftan is for the lady of the (minimalist) manor, who floats around her guests in a handwoven, softer-than-soft-serve cotton kaftan that upon closer inspection, reveals the loveliest details: a polka dotted inner, cloth buttons, gathered sleeves. The rest of Fursat, Shades of India's kaftan collection is just as breezy, featuring silk and kala cotton pieces that are great for the beach, bedroom and (WFH) boardroom. Now that you have your look locked in, it's time to dress up your table. Here, whipped-cream-white scalloped napkins meet licorice-black table runners, while placemats and tablecloths in earthy colours let your crockery shine. Our favourite: round table mats inspired by the moon that will ensure good tide-ings.
Shop at or visit 185, Harikesh Building, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai, 8287513903; or 129-130, Meharchand Market, New Delhi, 9899006554, Instagram: @shadesofindia, Facebook: @shadesofindia, Rs 722 for a Saga placemat. 

Shweta Mansingka Ceramics

This year’s best harvest comes from Shweta Mansingka, who painstakingly crafts stunning ceramic fruits and vegetables. Her bounty is Saggar fired and mostly in hues of the sunset - see tall stemmed cherries that come up to your waist; apples and pears and pomegranates as big as your torso; palm sized coconuts with brass stems; and the cutest set of pumpkins. Juicy couture, this. Note: Shweta also customises for size and colour, and creates ceramic wall installations too.

Studio in Chattarpur, Delhi, 9810130371,, Instagram: @shwetamansingka_ceramics, Facebook: @ShwetaMansingkaCeramics, starts at Rs 9,500.

Studio Trataka

Shiv Sharma & Manya Pandit, work closely with the craft sector (both are alumni of the Indian Institute of Crafts & Design Jaipur), elevating Indian artisans and bringing thoughtful design into your home. Their creations will bloom in your room; see patina-brass lotus leaf incense stick holder where the incense stick appears to be floating on water. Other neat tricks at Studio Trataka include creating shrine-inspired Temple Bell Pendants; the Facet Collection made up of polished marble jars and dishes with brass hats; and a 3 bulb Trayah Floor Lamp which is a great statement piece for any room. 

P - 12, Narayan Vihar, Jaipur, 9660723241 / 9530456740,, Instagram: @studiotrataka, Facebook: @studiotrataka& Twitter: @studiotrataka, Rs 2,799 for the lotus leaf incense stick.

The Charcoal Project

Interior designer Sussanne Roshan brings a wild leather and metal vibe to your home via gold arches, glossy leather ottomans and feral jellyfish tables. While you browse other furniture pieces and graphic rugs, also goggle at the  Cabinet of Curiosities where tie-dye cushions and crushed metal foil door knobs await. 

Unit No. 1, D-Mall, Andheri (W), 61936198,, Instagram: @thecharcoalproject, Rs 1,528 for a cushion cover. 

The Pure Concept Home

Designer and co-founder Chanya Kaur gives this project legs. And these legs are attached to gorgeous furniture pieces that can be best described as fuss-free, functional elegance. The Pure Concept Home dedicates a chunk of its catalogue to the coolest chairs (Farsk is our favourite) + sleek marble top side tables and three legged dining tables (see Lea, Ogla and Seki), benches that curve outwards (Nami) and desks that seem to be dressed in evening wear (Signe). Order online via their digital catalogue or visit their dreamy Kala Ghoda store where the products really shine. 

Ground floor, Ador House, Kala Ghoda, 7208878394,, Instagram: @tpc.home, Facebook: @thepureconcepthome, starts at Rs 32,000.

The Wicker Story

What happens when an architect misses the puckerish food and cane chairs from her childhood home? She takes that memory and builds it into a magnificent imli shaped wicker bench. This home label is Priyanka Narula’s ode to wicker, where fluid benches bloom into petals, chairs hold secrets like lifafas, lamps seek inspiration from the complex geometry of corals and a curvier-than-the-Kardashians jointless chair beckons. Everything is 100% sustainable and made using a zero-waste production method.

Studio in Hyderabad, 7838245562,, Instagram: @thewickerstory, Rs 5,000 for a lamp.

Weaves by Querencia

Sleep consultants weighed in on the comforter you are about to order from Weaves, a home linen company that ensures sound design for sound sleep. We love their  bespoke handloom cotton comforters, dreamed up by founder and architect Kiraan Ajay Aggarwal, available in striking ikhat, pin stripes and our favourite -  black and beige micro checks. Handloom cotton is extremely breathable and adapts to your room's temperature, making these comforters an excellent all-year choice. PS: All Weaves' products are end-to-end customisable, so you can build your (sweet) dream bed. 

A-301 Rajkamal, Juhu Versova Link Road,  Andheri (W), 9820688408,, Instagram:  @weavesbyquerencia, Facebook: @weavesbyquerencia, Twitter: @WeavesQuerencia, single comforter starts at Rs 8,000.

Yellow Brick Route

Named after Dorothy’s commute back home, Yellow Brick Route is equal parts magic and maven. The experts here work with solid and recycled wood to craft bespoke furniture that leans towards minimalist-luxe. Behold their latest Union Home Collection, a constellation of timeless furniture designs. Browse classics like the hand knotted cane Wingman Lounge Chair, which is crafted from plantation grown hardwood and fitted with leather upholstery that turns it into a plush statement piece. And continuing in our cuckoo-for-cane vein, we can’t take our eyes off their recycled teak and rattan Nest Chair and Daybed which feel at once, bohemian and grand. Meanwhile, their lustrous boulder-shaped brass Pebble Coffee Table looks beautiful when it catches the light, and a wonderfully textured Groove Sideboard slips seamlessly into any room.

7434000800,, Instagram: @ybroute, Facebook: @ybroute, Rs 12,000 for an acacia wood chair.

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