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Last time dear readers, we told you about Myglamm’s multi-functional goodness; remember those 5-in-1 foundation-highlighters and twin nail paints? 

Now (eye) shadow us closely, and we’ll take you one step further. Join this super make-up label’s inner circle, the Glamminsiders Club and you may never pay for make-up again! 

How? Read on: at MyGlamm’s e-store, GlammPoints are earned not just for your purchases, but also for the lifetime purchases of your friends, their friends and...pretty much anyone they can tell. So in short, the more you share, the more you’re rewarded. Are you flushed with excitement or is that MyGlamm’s shimmer powder you’ve been using? 

Follow this easy routine to sign up:

Step 1: Register with MyGlamm, and use the unique glammLink sent to you, to start building your glammCircle. You will receive 15% cash back as glammPoints every time you or your friends purchase using this unique glammLink. This can be shared easily via email, Whatsapp and social media. Easy peasy! First time buyers get Rs 150 off their purchase.  

Step 2: Now here’s the fun bit – Besides sharing the link, you can also throw a virtual glammParty, with your favourite curated MyGlamm products and invite your friends and family to shop, baiting them with complimentary gifts, shipped by MyGlamm. 

Step 3: As your friends to share with their friends, and them with theirs, so the circle keeps widening and you win 15% cash back as Glammpoints every time a transaction is madevia your link, for a lifetime!  

Step 4: 1 glammPoint equals Rs 1. So start gathering your squad and shopping on or Myglamm App (Android, iOS) ASAP!  

Smiling? Let’s see that Colour Fusion pout already! 

Getting there: Visit to shop, and click here to know more about the Glamminsiders loyalty club. 

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