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You heard it from us first! They’re putting a team of young brand and marketing visionaries together over at The A, a members-only collaborative work club backed by the founding family of YES Bank Limited. This, the first of many will launch in March 2018 at One Indiabulls Centre, Lower Parel.
Here are the 3 positions that need to be filled:

Branding & Corporate Communications (4-5 years of experience) Candidate must have an accumen for brand building and strong foothold with lifestyle and business media. Prior experience for a major lifestyle brand/tourism/international hotel chain would be a bonus. Must be a stickler for brand guidelines (breathe it if you want to work it) and an educational background in psychology or English literature is preferred.

Digital Marketing Strategist (3 years of experience) The A is looking for someone who understands social media strategy, execution and functioning. Candidate must grasp the science behind content creation and the dynamic nature of content in today’s day and age. A fab command over the English language, copy skills and relevant experience with the blogosphere will help. Must have experience with influencer marketing and online reputation management. Must also be adept at conducting and executing digital research and trend analysis reports, have an understanding of SEO & SEM, and CMS systems.

Graphic Designer + Creative Specialist (3 years of experience) The candidate must be trained in Photoshop, Illustrator & Corel Draw / InDesign for offline and online collaterals. Relevant UX/UI experience (apps + website design), and work experience in the luxury and lifestyle sector is preferred. The A is looking for someone who believes in breaking boundaries and disrupting the design world.

Good luck!

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