Worstroom.com: Room With A Rue


This blog is a veritable collection of run-down apartments in New York for the gentleman who has nothing. 

Ah, New York. Where cozy is a euphemism for crappy; minimalistic interiors mean bring-your-own-sleeping-bag; and breakfast in bed happens only because your mattress hangs out in your kitchen.

If you’ve lived in New York as a broke college grad, nostalgia awaits you on Worstroom.com, a blog with a photo album of the baddest apartments in New York, with monthly rentals and quotes from landlords that will crack you up.  See also crack (noun): the crystal form of cocaine; crack (verb): to break, give way; crack (adjective, informal): crazy. All three are relevant to most of the homes listed here. 

If you’re still around and reading this, step this way and we’ll take you through WorstRoom: $800 for an artist’s loft that’s really just a room with no paint, no partitions, no furniture; a 5 by 7 feet Newark apartment with no windows or doors, just a curtain for the doorway at $440 per month; and a creepy home where the landlord’s photo is advertised as “included”, as if he were a valuable Persian rug. And truly not for the faint-hearted, follow us to a $300 Brooklyn home where a set of rickety stairs lead to “a special ergonomic space for your mattress with a gentle 45 degree angled slope."

If you are so inclined, that is.

Getting there: Visit Worstroom.com, some posts feature apartment listings outside New York as well.