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In this bpb column, we harass the production units of movies, TV shows and photo shoots to share their sourcing lists.

Stalked at MAMI, filmmaker Pushan Kripalani takes us to the picturebook-pretty Tirthan Valley where he shot his film The Threshold. Just an hour’s drive from Kulu, he recommends you visit for treacherous treks, glistening trout and the best milk cakes ever. 


The Himalayan Trout House: Christopher and Sonali Mitra will be happy to have you move in with them, cooking you lovely lemon butter trout and regaling you with tales of the one that got away. The cappuccino here is pretty good too. 

Raju Bharati's Homestay: So off the beaten track, you will have to take a jhoola just to get there. A local legend and all round nice guy, Raju runs this homestay that requires advanced booking, especially during season time. 

You will find yourself standing in a meadow of tiny yellow flowers, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. And the chai shop isn't bad either.


Go Fly Fishing: Fly fishing on the Tirthan river is a popular pastime for serious anglers and those willing to learn the art. 

Climb To Jalori Pass: Drive up to Jibhi, and then trek up to the pass, which is a gorgeous climb. You will find yourself standing in a meadow of tiny yellow flowers, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. And the chai shop isn't bad either. Pitch a tent and relax. 

Trek With The Great Himalayan Reserve At Sai Ropa: These treks that aren’t for the faint hearted. Sign up for an eight day sojourn that is treacherous, but comes attached with a ton of memories and a butterfly garden. Nature walks with forest officials are always great, and they are more than willing to share their intimate knowledge of the area. 

Buy Himachali Shawls: Everyone needs a genuine shawl woven by local craftsmen who allow you to customise colour and design.

Eat Eggs In The Hills: Omelettes and tea at all the little shops that dot the hills taste great. Is it the air, the eggs, or just the welcome snack after a brisk walk? 

Go Fruit Picking: Apples from orchards along the road. Or pears. Or plums. Or cherries. Pick a season. Pick a fruit. Nothing from a supermarket tastes quite the same after that. 

Go Milk Cake Binging: You think you've had milk cake before, but you haven't. At the shops in Banjaar, they’re not too sweet, with a consistency of good, light fudge. The best pieces are the ones that are slightly caramelised.

Pack The Kids Off: Aquaterra adventures has year-round camps with adventure sports and life skill learning.  

Getting there: Follow The Threshold's Facebook page here for updates on screenings and reviews.

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