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Why do we salute the sun? What would life look like through the eyes of a mantis shrimp? Did you send a wave of light to your friend today? Why do we walk towards the light when we die?

All this and more illumination will come to you at The Story of Light Festival, Goa. Coming up in January 2015, but taking submissions now, this festival aims to study the different perspectives on light - in science, philosophy and culture - through art and design. Thus will come together artists, scientists and philosophers to interpret light through a series of exhibits, workshops and installations. Gleam team!

It all sounds a bit esoteric yes, but a tour of, a gorgeous milky way of a website populated by oranges and charioteers, yogis and cats, radios, 3D glasses and butterflies, will make the subject far more exciting. 

Here Comes the Sun

Conceptualised by a group of designers, copywriters and science educators, the festival celebrates the United Nations’ International Year of Light in 2105. To be held in picturesque Panjim, the festival will involve a walking route starting from the Goa Science Centre. Here attendees will explore the relationship between light and life and its role in evolution; study how light affects perception; and understand the role of light in technology.

How You Can Participate

It’s too early to have a speaker line up out or pass prices, but organisers are currently inviting you to participate. Artists (“sculptors, film makers, idea smiths and other beings of light”) as well as scientists, educators and researchers can submit ideas for talks, installations, workshops and collaborations that best capture their interpretation of light.

So ditch the monsoon gloom for some glow on the Story of Light website, and be one of the bright bulbs in their chandelier.

Getting there: The Story of Light Festival from January 14-18, 2015. Visit for more festival details and participation forms.

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