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Did you know that there are points on your feet which, upon receiving the right amount of pressure, are believed to cure asthma, indigestion, ear disorders, sexual malfunctions? Probe closer to your big toe and you could lose some weight. For proof, head to Lala Pyaare Lal Gupta Memorial Vatika in East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.

Located in the middle of A-block, this little roundabout that masquerades as a garden, promises all day long well-being and energy with just five minutes of the acupressure track.

Fun fact: Acupressure is also a non-damaging move in Generation IV Pokemon.

Can You Digit?

‘Meticulous Mirrors of Body Reflex Centers’, proclaims a board at the entrance to the park. It pictorially explains the different pressure points of the feet and what they help relieve. There’s an entire digestive system drawn on the arch of this foot, complete with stomach, liver, large intestine and small intestine. Facing this board is another that offers staccato sentences of advice on stress management, eating right and healthy living, along with quotes from Hippocrates and Gandhi on health. Tall, luscious trees line the circumference, while the center is a colourful mess of decorative plants and fruit bushes. An oddity in the park is an enormous electricity tower looming over one corner, sticking out like a sore thumb… or in this case, toe.

The piece-de- resistance is the famous acupressure track, laid in red sandstone, with smooth white stones picked from the Yamuna riverbed carefully placed at regular intervals to avoid injury. For those of tired feet, this is foot massage heaven, especially on warm afternoons when the stones are mildly heated by the sun.

The garden, with all its promise of good health is circled by a busy road, which means there’s no escaping the traffic here. But our feet were in a happy place when we strolled off towards East Avenue Market for a cool beverage.

Fun fact: Acupressure is also a non-damaging move in Generation IV Pokemon.

Getting there: Acupressure Track, Lala Pyare Lal Gupta Memorial Vatika, Opposite A- Block, One East Avenue, East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, open daily, free entry.

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