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This past weekend, we caught up with three women who do the Cannes trip every year.


Movie producer Guneet Monga, with credits including Gangs of Wasseypur, Part I & II, That Girl In Yellow Boots, Shaitan and The Lunchbox:

The Tribe: The most innovative and radically different film that I saw at Cannes. It featured in the Critics Week side bar and is a film that has characters who are deaf and dumb. It redefines the language of cinema, literally, where dialogue is rendered futile at the face of powerful emotions not needing the conventional form of storytelling.

Mommy: Xavier Dolan, who shared his Jury Prize award with Jean Luc Godard, stunned me with his beautiful film. An ode to growing up, an ode to motherhood, and an ode to coming of age.

Foxcatcher: I could not believe it was Steve Carell playing a character where he morphed into it so well that it took many people by surprise. A brilliant slow burn drama on the events leading up to the murder of Olympic champion Dave Schultz.

Argentinian for ‘Wild Tales’, this film was my favourite, made up of six 20 minute shorts. Each is a hilarious event in a person’s life with an O Henry-style twist at the end. Great fun to watch!

Two Days, One Night: This film was by Cannes regulars, the Dardenne brothers (they won 2 Palme d'Ors before). The masters of social realism have gone a notch higher by casting Marion Cotillard and making us completely forget that she is a star, but a married woman struggling to keep her job.

Party Girl: It left me very uncomfortable. A story about woman gone past her prime as a bar hostess, who finally takes life the way it is. It strangely reminded me of the epic Sorrentino film, The Great Beauty; the decadence, the beauty, the virility of life, it all fades one day.

Timbuktu: A Mauritian- French drama about extremism. It was competing for the Palm d’Or.

Maps To The Stars: This one got Julian Moore best actress at Cannes. This Cronenberg film also starring John Cusack and Robert Pattinson, is a satire on Hollywood.

Mr. Turner: About the life of British JMW Turned, this film features actor Timothy Spall, who won best actor at Cannes.

Leviathian: Selected to compete in the Palme d’Or competition, this Russian drama talks about corruption, love and tragedy in contemporary Russia.

Titli: And of course last but not the least I highly recommend TITLI, the Indian film that we were with in Cannes and that particularly made the whole trip so successful. It is a very strong film to come out of India and was recieved extremely well.


Preety Ali, founder of PI films with Imtiaz Ali & Co-founder at HumaraMovie:

Relatos Salvajes: Argentinian for ‘Wild Tales’, this film was my favourite, made up of six 20 minute shorts. Each is a hilarious event in a person’s life with an O Henry-style twist at the end. Great fun to watch!

The Homesman: This one was like a Western, with the unlikely pairing of Tommy Lee Jones (also director) and Hilary Swank heading out on a mission. Great characters and performances.

Saint Laurent: Betrand Bonello directs this French biography on designer Yves Saint Laurent. The filmmaker is over indulgent, focusing only one aspect of the designer’s life, but what really stays with you is lead actor Gaspard Ulliel’s performance. Brilliant!

Blue Room: This French film – expect it to be explicit – is about an extra marital affair. It’s brilliantly shot – two people in a room, secretly in love with each other. So much desire.

Winter Sleep: This three hour Turkish film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Unfortunately I missed it, but there were rave reviews. I plan to catch it soon.


Kanika Vaudeva, AVP of International Distribution at FOX:

Da Bouttau and Le Relais des Semailles: Both on Rue Saint-Antoine, which is a sweet cobbled street filled with restaurants. Some delicious fish, escargot and the best lemon tart ever at Da Bouttau.

Le Voilier: For the nicest oysters and the prettiest people – it’s on the Croisette just after the Carlton Hotel where all the celebrities stay when they go to Cannes.

Al Charq: For late night Lebanese food.

Le Bangkok & Jade: Along with awesome Thai food, this one also serves up the best waiter/owner, Alex. Also check out Jade for Vietnamese fare.

Le Restaurant Armenian: Lovely Armenian restaurant run by a couple - they cook, serve, make drinks, recommend orders.

Le 5 Stagioni: Best pizza pies for 9 Euros each.

The Sushi Shop: Which now boasts a menu within a menu by Joel Robuchon! Super sushi at great prices.

La Duree: Of course I would end with macarons at La Duree! Also Jean Luc Pele, which has chocolates carved out with scenes from the Kamasutra.


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