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It’s an elegant slouch that actor Ranbir Kapoor has been sporting off late. Some might say it was acquired to convey a sexy existential crisis vibe; others might say he genuinely is in crisis, in need of a hit before he can stand tall again.

No matter the outcome, his feet will be glad for Superkicks, a new sneaker store in Bandra offering shock absorbing souls for all crises, faux and real, as well as Ylati, an Italian footwear label that Ranbir seems to be sporting lately.

The store is brought to us by Sangeet Paryani, who until now hung out behind the shoe scenes as the “super franchisee” owner of adidas in Rajasthan. He's journeyed from Pink to Sea Link to make sure that you get access to sneakers not available in India (this part will be a slow but steady process), and a curated set of shoes within bigger brands’ collections.

All The Other Kids, With The Pumped Up Kicks

The Superkicks store is small and fairly ordinary - it’s near a park though, if you want to take your new shoes out for a spin tout de suite – with equal halves dedicated to men and women.

On the shelves are brands like Asics Tiger, New Balance, Vans, Converse, Fila, Nike, adidas, Puma, and Ylati should be along next week. Ladies, Sangeet thinks you should spend your money on the black patent leather Fila Disruptors – his wife Nisha’s favourite - and for a more afternoon feel, the Gazelles, Adidas’s soccer sneakers made with a cloudy pink or snow white suede. Men see Ylati’s Dedalos with jagged crocodile-teeth like soles; New Balance 574 for a back-to-school look and the eco-innovative Adidas Parley made from recycled beach waste. Best sellers including the Nike Cortez, Adidas Stan Smith, Asics Gel Lyte, Converse Chuck Taylors and Puma Lows are also available here.

A discreet corner is occupied by accessories like socks, caps and bags, and Sangeet hopes to expand to street wear apparel too, but not before he’s exhausted all his shoe fantasies. “There are a host of brands on my footwear wish list still, including Carhartt and Bape.”

If this Instagram image of Ranbir Kapoor inspired Superkicks to get in touch with Ylati, the actor’s stylists, Priyanka and Kazim at Vainglorious tell us that they have their next sneaker label suggestion ready: “Leather Crown” (often sported by Amal Clooney).

We love it when new plans are afoot, even if not all of them make it in the world.

Getting there: Ground floor, plot no 320, Yashwant Smruti, 12th Road, off Linking Road, near Madhu Park, Khar (W), prices range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 25,000.

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