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The last time we visited Herringbone & Sui in search of a Marsala suit, we climbed up a staircase leading to its heritage bungalow location, and watched from the balcony as an East Indian wedding unfurled in the Pali Village streets below. 

Inside Herringbone & Sui, this rustic charm continues, but it is not without cutting edge technology, speed and efficiency. The country’s premier provider of bespoke men’s clothing, now has a secret James Bond-ish weapon – 3D body scanning technology! Housed behind suede curtains fashioned to look like a changing room, this beast has within it 20 cameras + depth sensor + infrared laser-beams to create an exact three-dimensional avatar of the customer in under 10 seconds.

Bond Labour

These readings are combined with traditional tailoring techniques, altering patterns to compensate for posture, stance, shoulder slant and numerous other small details to create suits that “fit and sit”  individually for each customer. “We understand the value of our customers’ time. With the help of a 3D scanner we get over 120 data points in a matter seconds and can then pour over the customers’ avatar, without any pressure, to create the perfect bespoke pattern to ensure complete satisfaction,” the team tells us. 

Within the next year they will be able to create realistic renders of orders for customers, meaning they would be able to preview lifelike 3D images of their orders. 

Zegna The Warrior Prince

Sure it’s all high tech in there, but the team at Herrinbone would like you to know that tailoring traditions still remain at the core of their bespoke suit business. More than 15,000 fabrics are on offer, from mills including Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Piacenza, Ariston, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and custom footwear is also available in 15 different styles. Pure wool garments start from Rs. 20,000 and are ready for you to wear within 10 to 21 business days. They also make tuxedo jackets, shirts, trousers and Nehru jackets with finesse. 

Regular Gold Fingers, these tailors. 

Getting there: Herringbone & Sui, 3 Pali Village (Red Bunglow), KB Hegdewar Road, Opp. Vertical Heights, 
Bandra (W), Mumbai-400050, call +91 80808 05895, visit

*This post is sponsored by Herringbone & Sui*



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