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We usually wake up to such busy mornings; we can barely finish our thoughts, let alone our tasks. Which is why a lightning speed beauty routine created with natural botanical and packaged ingeniously, feels like a Godsend. Enter UNLOC, a skincare brand with a smart, honest take on authentic beauty. “It’s about cheeks that glow, freckles that show and cheekbones that gleam.”

Hyaluronic Acid Trip

UNLOC launches with the promise of three revolutionary face serums, packed full of concentrated, targeted formulas.You’ll need no more than 2 minutes every morning and/or night,” the Unloc team says.

Which one should you choose? Why all, of course. The Anti-Ageing Face Serum is packed with that skin superstar, Hyaluronic Acid, plus Vitamin C and natural plant extracts of Berberis, Mushroom, Lemon and Licorice. Together, they workto reduce fine lines and wrinkles, to brighten and evenyour skin tone. Next, meet the lovely lime green bottle full of MIXIFY Anti-Acne Serum, which gives your skin a powerful dose of AHA, BHA, Tea Tree Oil and natural plant extracts of Licorice, to deep clean, soothe and boost your skin with antibacterial properties and rid your skin of acne and dark spots.

And lastly, get used to seeing our favorite – The MIXIFY Skin Glow Serum in a scarlet bottle– on your dresser shelf. Exit dull face, enter radiance!Your skin will be exfoliated, and brightened with natural ingredients, giving you an angelic glow. We love that Unloc is dedicated to pushing boundaries and developing skincare infusions and boosters with rare, exceptional ingredients sourced from the wild.

What Else Is New?

You mean, besides your skin? UNLOC has already gone beyond serums to launch a sexy, smart new product: a half and half jar that keeps your day and night face moisturizer under one lid. For starters,this MIXIFY Day & Night Cream is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and suitable to all skin types. The a.m cream contains SPF 50, is extremely light weight, non sticky and packed with Vitamin B3, Berberry Extract, Noni Extract and Almond Oilto even and brighten your skin tone; while the p.mversionis formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Aquaxil, Vitamin B3 & E, Coconut Oil and extracts of Orange, Yogurt Whey, Cilantro & Bitter Melon to hydrate, reduce fine lines and restore skin while you beauty sleep. Sounds like a dream cream to us!

This, plus an anti-acne Clarifying Face Mask for men and women, which is formulated with Bentonite clay, Neem extracts, tea tree oil, multani mitti, Salicylic acid, avocado oil and a slew of other plant extracts. Combined, they fight against acne and scars, leaving your face as blemish-free as your reputation. And last but not the least is the Skin Glow + Detox Mask that is served in a ruby red jar and formulated with activated charcoal, Bentonite clay, vitamin c, coffee, turmeric and other natural extracts.

NOTE: Use the code ‘BPBUNLOC15’ (all lower case, no spaces) to get 15% off when you shop on

Getting there: on here, Rs 549 for a MIXIFY Day & Night Cream.

*This post is sponsored by UNLOC*

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