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Siblings Aanchal and Aayush Poddar’s passport cases have travelled all over the world, thanks to Etsy. They ship their monogrammed passport covers and sunglass cases + other travel-inspired customized accessories to Europe, America and across India. Right now, they have one with your initials on it: VIP. Check out their Etsy store, The Messy Corner, here.

Are you a maker too? Starting a store on Etsy India – which is now just a quick form away – is a great way to become a global brand. Fill form here, and then read our quick chat with Aanchal Poddar in this week’s #QuestionsWithCraftyKids. 

Q. What made you specialise in customized travel accessories?

A. I despise off-the-shelf anything. Also, when it comes to gifting, this puts the ‘thought’ in it’s-the-thought-that-counts.

Q. What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve given someone?

A. A scrapbook that took four months to put together.

Q. The first passport cover you produced travelled to…

A. Black Forest, Germany.

Q. The most satisfying feedback you’ve received.

A. Many customers pursue our passport covers with the urgency of acquiring a visa. For others, buying one means the need to plan a new journey right away.

Q. Your favourite thing about selling on Etsy is…

A. Fulfilling orders from across the world.

Q. Take us to your favourite city.

A. Pack your bags for London!

Bon voyage!

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