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If you must live in a bubble, surrender yourself to the foam party over at Vilvah, a homegrown beauty brand that delivers natural products that only want the best for you. 

Visit to shop beauty products for your face, body and hair, in addition to cold pressed aroma therapy oils that will leave you feeling (s)well. Fans swear by their range of serums, crafted with moringa, rosehip seed oil, neem and avocado oil. And while you’re there, also sniff around their Rosy Cheeks face scrub; goat milk soap and shampoo; hair growth oils; baby bath and body products; and essential oils. 

We’re most interested in Vilvah’s chemical-free deodorants - a beauty category not easily available in India - made with rose and vanilla or lavender and herbs. A sage choice, this one.   

Besides delivering a rainbow of well-thought out, chemical-free products built with biodegradable ingredients, the folks at Vilvah work hard to be a zero waste brand. They don’t for instance, indulge in plastic packaging or ship products with gift boxes or pamphlets; instead they use recycled paper for invoicing, and aluminium and glass for packaging, giving ‘glass skin’ a whole new meaning. 

That’s enough to make us glow. 

Getting there: Shop at, follow them on Instagram @vilvah_, Rs 290 for a Deo Shot.

*This post is sponsored by Vilvah Store*

Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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