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Nature’s loveliest, most exotic ingredients buddy up so you can feel like a million bucks. Take for instance, the fragrant pairing of lavender and aloe vera or the healing hands of white lotus and turmeric, brought to us by Body Code, a range of luxe, natural bodycare products. 

Body Code begins by introducing you to four paraben-free body washes that promise to “upgrade” your shower routine. It’s a fresh way to start your daily morning ritual, invigorating you and leaving you fresh and fragrant for the rest of the day. 

Silky Fresh, brings berries and orchids or rose and chandan together; while the Revitalizing body washes combine white lotus and turmeric or lavender and aloe vera. Someone please alert, the news desk at Bloom-berg! 

We love that the Body Code team describes their body washes as a “warm hug after a hectic day”. We agree. 

The most magical of them all though, is the very efficient, very effervescent Ready to Bloom (made from chamomile oil and calendula extract), BodyCode’s star product that can be used as shampoo, face wash and body wash, all in one! Imagine travelling with just a single bottle that takes care of all your beauty needs, perfect for when you just want to carry your monogrammed cabin bag. But wait, there’s more: the finest ingredients and gorgeous packaging comes to you without making a dent in your wallet. 

Our favourite version is the gently beautiful rose-chandan version – talk about your #CoupleGoals – but if you’re more adventurous, you can always opt for that 3-in-1 ménage-a-trois.

PS: Shop online on and use the code BPBCODE25 (all caps, no spaces) to score 25% off on all Body Code products.  

Getting there: Shop at, Rs 270 for a body wash. 

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