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Your favourite cocktail dress called: it’s lonely and would like a lovely necklace for company. Find it a beau at the brand new Scarlet Sage, a website that specializes in curated jewelry from international designers, launched just in time for the holiday season. Cue the sparklers!

Cherry On Top

Click through Scarlet Sage and you’ll find a huge, tempting collection of unusual and gorgeous jewellery, including long chandelier earrings, modern neck-pieces crafted from string and leather, and statement rings that can elevate the drabbest of outfits, taking you efficiently from a busy day at work to Christmas cocktails in the evening.

The jewellery is sourced from fifteen highly accomplished designers from all over the world, each with their own unique sensibility. Meet, for instance, Emma Ware, who crafts her pieces from reclaimed, sustainable rubber; Anisha Parmar, who effortlessly blends her Indian roots with a modern, cutting edge aesthetic; and Gissa Bicalho’s Brazilian pieces, each a riot of colour and skill. Don’t forget to pine for pieces by Fotini Liami, who recently showcased her designs and traditional metal-smith techniques with The Met in New York. Yummy!

Will You Go To Red With Me?

Scarlet Sage is the brainchild of Sanjana Bhuwalka, who combines her multi-year experience in retail with a keen eye for curation and design. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, is a certified diamond grader and gemologist, and ran a fashion clothing store for three years.

“I hope to bring my sensibilities and taste to Scarlet Sage and develop a platform thats easily accessible to design seekers,” she tells us. And it looks like she’s succeeding. Scarlet Sage, which has morphed from earlier brand Cult Curators, is hip, easy to navigate, and stocked with some of the most interesting, well-priced jewellery we’ve seen in a while.

We’ll take one of everything, please. 

Getting there: 

Getting there: Signup here, visit and buy on Follow them on Instagram here & Facebook here. 



Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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