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If there was ever a mug shot to love, this is it: imagine a parade of ivory cups etched in royal blue, with patterns inspired by latticed windows that an Indian Juliet would lean out of. 

Invite us over to tea and we’ll tell you all about this + other gorgeous crockery pieces, just launched by India Circus at their stores (contact details below) and online. The design brand extends its “all-India palette” to plates and tumblers, kettles and chai glasses, creating ideal purchases for solo drinkers and home entertainers, alike. Best of all, they’re pretty, but won’t break your heart and bank. 

Tumbler Account

Conceptualised by founder and designer Krsnaa Mehta, the collections are super affordable (Rs 499 for a set of two Zing Mugs) and inspired by flowers and feelings, birds and bees. The Fenced Sepal Mystery and Mystique Flower Ambush collections, in red and ivory tones, will ensure that Christmas comes early to the kitchen; The Rose Mallow Moscheutos and Natures Essence Paradise put gorgeous avian and floral motifs on cups and saucers, kettles, mugs and chai glasses; and the subtly tropical Ivory Parade Fantasy, which combines elephant prints and palmeria, offers splashes of blue, green and white for your table.

And then of course, there’s our favourite indigo and ivory Lattice Fence Dining Extravaganza, where flowers bloom and latticed patterns long for partners that can only be found at your next tea party. Sigh and chai?

Note: Each piece is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and oven proof. 

In Other Exciting Muse

India Circus fans will be happy to know that Godrej has now acquired 51% of India Circus. This means more Mughals and magnolias for you, meaning you can expect a massive expansion with nine more India Circus stores opening in the country this year. Gather the Circus troupes!

Getting there: at India Circus stores at Fort and Lowerparel and online on Rs 449 for a set of two Zing Mugs.

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