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If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then big footed men would do well to seek out Jupiter. 

This new planet in Bandra wants to make super tall men and those with huge feet feel a little less alien, by ensuring that multiple brands and designs they like, are always available in their sizes. 

This big and tall store was started by Dhruv Chadha who possesses a pair of UK 12 sized feet. Growing up, he was often kept out of the football field or squash court for not wearing appropriate footwear, and this lifelong frustration drove him to take matters in his own hands…or rather feet. In 2013, Dhruv launched a super successful e-commerce store – – that sold big size shoes, and last year, was born a physical avatar of this digital den. 

The store, at Bandra’s Perry Cross Road, sells plus size clothing and tall apparel(XL to 9XL) and large size shoes(size 12 shoessize13 shoessize 14 shoes,size 15 shoes are in most demand) from over 25 international brands like Nike, Old Navy, Levis, Asics, New Balance, Sean John, Crocs and more. Dhruv has also tied up with various exporters who manufacture large sizes for American and European markets. Such large-esse!

Big boys, we’ve taken the liberty of picking our favourites for you – Old Navy Beach plus size shirt with pineapples; striped polo tees by Sun River; an Asics graffitied shoe; aqua Nike Freerun Flyknits, plus size shoes. Share with friends and cousins who are always looking for big sizes – the struggle is real. 

Those outside of Bandra’s axis, note that Jupiter also delivers to your doorstep through their e-store Shipping is free, cash on delivery is available and returns are free. 

A tall order? Not for Jupiter. 

Getting there: Jupiter store at B1, 33 Arc Nest Building, New Kantwadi Road, next to Perry Cross Road Bus Stop, Bandra (W), call 98333 83396, 11 am to 8.30 pm. For online shopping visit

***This post is sponsored by Jupiter Shop***

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