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About the Product

This. Will. Change. Your. Life. 

We promise. 

Take this 100 ml bottle of clear liquid, spray about 25 ml on your spiffiest shoes, and watch as they never stain. Not for 12-18 months at least. 

Vetro Power, a company that’s trying to bring about a “clean revolution”, has created a Footwear Protection spray that is a powerful Nanotechnology-enabled protective coating for your shoes. 

Here’s how it works: the spray creates an invisible, superhydrophobic (water repellant) and self cleaning silicon dioxide coating, which makes surfaces practically water-proof and stain-proof. This includes shoes crafted from leather, suede, nubuck, fabrics, nylon, synthetics, canvas & sheepskin. We’ve tried it on our priciest Mary Janes and no harm done.  

So essentially, Vetro Power protects your footwear from everyday accidental liquid spills, including water, oil and those Pisco Sours you drink religiously every weekend in crowded bars where glasses are always getting tipped over. Any liquid that falls on the coated shoe will form beads and roll off the surface, taking dirt and foreign matter along with it. 

And since your farmers-market-visiting, organic-obsessed friend is asking, yes, the formula is non-toxic, food safe, skin safe, odourless, anti UV and anti fade.  

Now go buy it quickly. Shoe, scram! 

Getting there: See more information on Vetro Power here, to score 20% shop here, buy it on Amazon here, Rs 1,000 for 100 ml, one single application lasts for a year. 

***This post is sponsored by Vetro Power***

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