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This week’s Etsy seller Vasundhara Sharma scavenges through export surplus factories – she hates waste – to fashion a cat-shaped holder for your ear pods, while watching Hannah Gadsby’s Renaissance Woman. Yes, we love her too.

She’s currently got an order from Tasmania – such is the reach of Etsy – and advises that you and your wares find a home on Etsy too. Fill the seller registration form here (won’t take more than 5 minutes, we promise!) and get to know Vasundhara better in this week’s #QuestionsWithCraftyKids.

Q: What Is Orunie?
A: It is a handcrafted accessories label – we made bags, jewellery - that reflects what India was and what it is today.

Q: How are you keeping handicrafts alive?
My aim is to keep the tradition going in terms of colour and technique, but to make products that are more functional for young Indians. For example, a block-printed bag will have a secret pocket for your smartphone.

Q: What is your favourite Orunie product?
A: The fabric earphone holders; one has cat ears sewn on.

Q: Your best, most colourful craft memory is…
A: Annual visits to Delhi’s Surajkund Mela, one of the largest craft fairs in the country. My earliest memory – probably when I was 4 – is of the women here who string beads into alphabets.

Q: Orunie’s best practise is…
A: We visit Delhi’s many export factories and buy cloth that would normally get thrown out to upcycle our products.

Q: Your fantasy work studio looks like…
A: A really big, open space with no walls, in the middle of a forest.

Q: Your favourite creative exercise is…
A: To chat with and bounce ideas off of my karigars.

Q: Your fantasy craft roundtable guests would include…
A: Actor/director/producer/writer, Amy Pohler and comedian/writer, Hannah Gadsby, and furniture maker Nick Offerman.

Q: What should we Google today?
A: Hannah Gadsby’s Renaissance Woman. Best.

Q: Your favourite thing about selling on Etsy is…
A: I never know where my next order will come from. I once sent a package to Tasmania!

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