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Trupti Karjinni’s handmade metallic watercolours can easily be mistaken for a palette of shimmering eye shadows. Under the label BluePineArts, the Belgaum-based artist labours over these non-toxic shades, inspired by Rajasthan’s miniature paintings and kittens named Satsuki. Mew-se? Meet her below in this week’s #QuestionsWithCraftyKids.

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Q:  Why make your own watercolours?

A: As a water colourist, I wanted to provide my community with good quality watercolours that are non-toxic and have excellent UV resistance, which wasn’t available in India.

Q: Tell us about some of the shades you’ve created.

A: Indian red chilli; Sunspear; the most beautiful gold mica color inspired by the details in Rajasthani miniature paintings; Stardust, which lets you create a gorgeous silvery shimmer of a snowy night; Satsuki, a shimmery pink  interference paint named after my sweet kitten. We also make handmade cloth paper for calligraphy and watercolour artists.

Q: How long does it take you to create each shade?

A: Each pan of paint, including pigment sourcing and recipe testing, takes about 3 months.

Q: Your favourite BluePineArts shade is…

A: Ultramarine Blue. It’s a wonderful, uplifting shade.

Q:  A shade you’d love to create and copyright is?

A: A special shade of purple made by combining pink with ultramarine blue.

Q: Tell us your favourite paint story…

A: Ultramarine blue, once extracted from Lapis Lazuli was more precious than gold. Artists who wanted to use it had to be funded by the Vatican.

Q: You love to paint…

A: A foggy, pine tree landscape, a place I paint often but have never been to in real life.

Q. Your favourite thing about selling on Etsy is…

A: The customer and seller’s appreciation for handmade goods.

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