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You don’t know Prateek Singh yet, but browse his Etsy store and you will see him in a good light. Under The Black Steel, Prateek designs and makes vintage-inspired industrial light fixtures, a pre-occupation he arrived at after studying fashion design and later working with watches. Speaking of which, we’re short on time, so here’s a quick Q&A in this week’s #QuestionsWithCraftyKids.

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Q: Your vision comes from…

A: Problem solving. A product materializes every time I hear myself say: “I wish there was something like this in the market.”

Q: What’s next on your drawing board?

A: Something called Upgrades. For instance, you buy a dome light from us, and few weeks, months, years down the line, you can buy an ‘Upgrade piece’, that gives the same dome light a new look.

Q: What’s your favourite Black Steel light piece?

A: The Industrial Sprocket Wheel, a lamp inspired by the chain-driven bicycles invented by British designer, H. J. Lawson in 1879. It’s our core, most popular product, with maximum magazine face time.

Q: What’s the best part about selling on Etsy?

A: Etsy, unlike my own e-commerce platform, has so far given me access to audiences in 20+ countries. And audiences who will willingly pay USD 200 and more as long as the product is good.

Q: What’s on your creator playlist?

A: I prefer something non-stop like Group Therapy by Above and Beyond (progressive trance).

Q: Who do you really want to change a light bulb with?

A: French industrial designer Serge Mouille and musician Chris Martin.

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