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If there’s one thing Game of Thrones + election season has taught us, it’s that we need to choose a leader wisely. And so of all the contenders, here’s the ruler we pick – she’s tall, striking and ready to command. Bend the knee to Rubberband’s corrugated ruler (available in blue and white), part of the many new products this stationery and lifestyle brand recently launched.

You’ve known Rubberband since 2008, when they brought you notebooks in solid colours, beautifully bound and designed. Since then, the team has been working out of a studio based in an art deco movie theatre – seriously! - directing much more than notebooks for you and me.

Tables and Toys

If you missed the previous few scenes in Rubberband’s biopic, let us do a quick recap for you. Over the last decade, founders Maithili and Ajay have been collaborating with in-house and renowned international designers to create new stationery as well as a furniture category that is now standing on its own two (or four) legs. In the same clean and fresh aesthetic as their stationery, they give you olive green Fez stools, Tunnel Benches, a stoic Vanishing Point Seat and a leaf green desk they like to call ‘The Table That Almost Wasn’t’.

From desks let’s switch over to play time. Make vroom for Dutch designer Floris Hovers – his model vehicles can be found at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam – whose alliance with Rubberband resulted in toys that are “meant to be played with for a lifetime”. They call these Fold Motors - strong colourful model vehicles that you’ll want to buy in fleets. What’s stopping you?

No One Puts Baby In A Cone 

In addition to those rulers we told you about before, Rubberband’s new stationery line, in collaboration with Oregon-based Selek Designs, also includes the Cone Pen (in orange and blue), which looks like a very chic pen wearing a very chic hat.

Top of the morning to you too!

Getting there: Shop on, follow them on Instagram @rubberband_kit, Rs 400 for a Cone Pen. Note: Rubberband works closely with corporates and new businesses to create custom notebooks and planners.

*This post is sponsored by Rubberband*

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