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Today it’s as hot as a two-dollar pistol. Bang bang! Take cover. Run into designer James Ferreira’s cottage. Pick out a beaded top. It’s sheer. Today is hot. The Sartorialist will be here soon. But will he find us where we’re going… to 1983, where the sleeves are puffed and everyone’s chuffed about the dress with the matching pocket square.

Welcome to No Borders Shop, a new vintage store set up inside Ferreira’s heritage bungalow in Khotachiwadi. Go to see the home, stay to browse art + fashion labels and vintage finds sourced from around the world by stylist Kanika Karvinkop (read about her Onomatopoeic name and aim here).

First, swim after LA-based Pari Desai’s sleek single coloured swimsuits - hopefully they’ve anchored by now – and pair these with Delhi designer Rimzim Dadu’s fringe slippers. The crew at Nor Black Nor White also does great summer prints, and if you can afford to pay through your nose, sniff out Pero’s flowers that grow wild on net dresses. Meanwhile, man of the manor James Ferreira crafts interestingly textured dresses; we’ve bookmarked a beaded top that would look great over a swimsuit, but we may have to set up a lemonade stall this summer to collect the 25k double quick. Meanwhile, Kanika tells us that exciting labels from Peru and Mexico are waiting in the wings, for No Border Shop’s second wave.

Old Is Gold Spot

Other racks have vintage clothes from the 1970s and 80s. Look in on the lovely grey and white Feraud dress with a matching pocket square and tell her we love her. A checkered CK skirt and blue spaghetti strapped Prada top, both born in the 80s, make for cool companions in a 2018 summer.

Bags shaped like shells and coloured like unicorns also hang about (see 1920s silver coin purse), as do clear and coin belts. In the same showcase you can look for Knobbly Studios from Israel, which does clever jewellery inspired by women’s body shapes and movements. A pair of pears, please?

Meanwhile, Instagram sensation Ayqa Khan’s art prints that depict South Asian women can be bought here, as well as embroidery rings by Negine Jasmine, who hopes to recreate narratives for Afghan women with her spools of thread.

Edward Brunch

The outside section of the house, shaded by trees and propped up with chipped plates, will serve as an art gallery. “Also a space for brunches and live music,” Kanika tells us on our way out.

Scott will be here soon, if you want to stay just a little while longer?” she asks. A shaded cottage with rooms full of vintage clothes? Sounds like just the place for a street style photographer to seek refuge on a day like today, when it’s as hot as a two-dollar pistol.

Getting there: No Borders Shop, Ferreira House, 47/G, Khotachiwadi, Ambewadi, Girgaon, follow them on Instagram @nobordersshop, vintage wear ranges from Rs 7,000 to Rs 30,000, art starts at Rs 2,000.

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