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The maker of our favourite 2018 T-shirt - Boys Equal Girls - has found a new way for women to score.
Catch this black cropped top, a collaboration between O.R.B and Forca Goa Foundation, organisations that campaign to create equal opportunity for Indian women in sport, starting with football. 
"It is not lack of motivation, but rather the lack of opportunity that’s been holding women back from taking centre stage in sporting communities," says O.R.B founder Ruchika Parab, rattling off stats that can also be found in a little booklet that accompanies each T-shirt. "According to a FIFA report, the Indian women's football team ranks 62nd in the world while the men's team is placed at 97. Yet, a national level female footballer's salary is 1/7th of her male peer's earning..." 

It's a win-win situation, this one. 

The book and the girl go on, while we try our cropped top with ruffled skirts and layered under shirts, teamed with jeans and under spaghetti strapped dresses, barely seen. Across the front, the T-shirt says, "A Girl's Place..." and at the back it continues with, "is in sport." They also offer a regular, non-cropped black T-shirt and a sweatshirt.
When you buy A Girl's Place merchandise, 25% of the proceeds go directly towards aiding girls in football. "More specifically, to the U-6, U-8 and U-10 age groups. That’s about 1,536 girls and 144 teams from 48 Goa schools," we're told. The idea is to start at the grass root level and slowly add more states and clubs as the initiative expands. In addition, 10 coaches will be trained and certified by All India Football Federation, in a bid to also create better female role models.
It's a win-win situation, this one.
Getting there: Shop at, Rs 750 for a tee and Rs 1,050 for a sweatshirt.

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