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If your hand wash and harvest are organic, entrepreneur Pri Shewakramani wonders why your tampons and pads are not. Her new company The Organic Code plans to sell products that are good for you but also for the environment, beginning with feminine hygiene products. 

Tampons, pads and intimate washes imported from Italian brand Organyc are now live on Ask Pri for more information and she will rattle off a list of benefits. “The organic products are free from chemicals, pesticides, synthetics, chlorine bleach, fragrance and, they’re biodegradable. They’re also luxuriously soft, hypoallergenic and pH skin compatible,” says Pri, who consults with international brands like ROYCE’ Chocolates, PAPABUBBLE and Havaianas and aids their India launches.

Pri was diligent while picking a brand to launch with, and research involved several visits to Organyc's Italian factory. "Organyc was started by a doctor and according to my research, is among the handful of brands that is 100% certified organic in this category." 

These feminine hygiene products are significantly pricier than their non-organic counterparts, but the fact is that they’re good for you and other women as well; a percentage of proceeds will go towards improving menstrual health and hygiene in rural India. Note, pad. 

Sun Of A B***H 

Eventually, The Organic Code will act as an aggregator of organic products across categories, and could easily hop from feminine hygiene to figs. Yes, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit. Pri is coy about revealing what's next, but she is visibly excited when we mention the beauty vertical; don't mind the laugh lines. "There is a need for organic products like sun block, mosquito repellent and baby products."

But most of all, Pri hopes to be the obsessive label reader you need in your life, "because many brands that claim to make organic products are not certified and always sneak a few chemicals in."

Hey Pri, here's our grocery list. We'll be in the beer aisle chatting up the new six pack.  

Getting there: Shop at or order through Scootsy’s gifting section, pads start at Rs 350, tampons at 450.



Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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