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If you, like us, were worried about the fate of the Mac Aunty dress, be at Peace (Haven). Resident of this sky-blue Bandra bungalow Auntie Betty may not have heard our SOS, but both her home and some of her clothes are coming to the rescue, with an exhibit and sale that starts next week called Lady Pow. (Kekee Manzil, have you started a trend?)

How I Met Your Mother Mary

Lady Pow - for well-bread girls? - is the brainchild of Aunty Betty’s friend, stylist Nikhil D. “I met her when I was shooting for a spread on the first floor of Peace Haven, thanks to a friend Vikas Vasudev," says Nikhil. "Aunty Betty only lets a few people in." The two we got to talking. Over the course of their friendship, Betty’s skirt suits, shoulder pads and cotillion dresses came tumbling out of the closet. A few have been duly handed over for Nikhil to dry clean and remix into Bandra-boho for the upcoming sale. There will be pleated tennis skirts, “shiny gowns,” and pussy-bow blouses, presumably more ironic than Mrs Trump’s

Expect to see and buy clothes by Péro, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Shift by Nimish Shah and about a dozen other labels whose aesthetic chimes in with Mac Aunty cool. “Frocks, skirt suits, Nimish’s prints” - all these, Nikhil suggests, may have made it into Betty’s closet in a different day and age. Complementing these is vintage costume jewelry by Viange, since Aunty Betty’s own jewelry, of course, is too precious to be made public. All clothes will be “styled into looks, not hung on racks, so you can come choose what you like from a fictional Bandra aunty.” 

There will be pleated tennis skirts, “shiny gowns,” and pussy-bow blouses, presumably more ironic than Mrs Trump’s

Nikhil’s preview photos are full of dreamy pinks and baby blues, billowing wrinkle-free fabric, charming, pearly accessories, velvety layers - and sleeves and hemlines suitable for Mass. 

Plus, Lady Pow is waiting to fill you up with cutlet pao and port wine, the staples of any Bandra December. If you’re nice, Aunty Betty and Nikhil might even tell you stories about all the neighbourhood girls. Now don’t take the wrong turning into Veronica Street.

Getting there: Lady Pow, 15-22 December, at Lifaafa, Vithal Bhavanbehind Notan Heights, 38th Road, Bandra West. See Facebook page for updates.

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