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You've already put aside a chunk of your lunch money for Valentine's Day gifts. And now you have to get a card AND flowers?! Why spring for both when you can buy a greeting card that your Valentine plants and sees it turn into flowers? Beau fine!

We’re told that each of these cards is made of seed paper and allows the recipient to plant it, seeing the greeting grow into Baby’s Breath and Sweet Alyssum flowering plants over a period of about 30 days.

When 21 Fools Rush In

Sold by 21 Fools, an online portal for greeting cards, the Love Cards are an effective way to spread your seed. They were conceived of by Divyanshu Asopa about two years ago, but at that time, the site was an online portal with a positive take on daily news. This eventually evolved into a company that sold greeting cards, ones with whimsical designs and silly messages. In keeping with the written word revolutionaries, Divyanshu too, wants "people to  take time out to hand write messages" and hence the evolution of 21 Fools unfolded.

Ask him how and why he came up with the name 21 Fools and he doesn’t really have an answer. "I’ve been trying to come up with an intellectual answer to that question for a while now, but honestly, I just liked the way it sounded.”

Blooms Day

Personally, we're going to order the ‘You are all my reasons’ design, but you can pick from ‘You complete me’ and ‘Lets grow old together’. Order now if you want to make it in time for the big day; 21 Fools needs enough notice to ship you the goods. One warning though - beware of stalk-ers.

PS: For more fun greeting cards see The Filter61c and Cards by Anjali.

Getting there: 21 Fools, Rs 300 for a plantable seed paper greeting card, view their website here, shipping across India.

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