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You’ll have to elbow your way through throngs of greedy ladies, but put on a pad and helmet and venture into Raw Mango’s Colaba store, because under the incessant chatter and air kisses is a treasure trove of saris and blouses, plentiful enough to take care of the entire wedding season, discounted down by 20 to 50%.

Found: A lush sari in Cadbury purple, silky like chocolate and edged with gossamer-thin geometry; a thatch of pastel garden prints; and a khadi-brocade beaut strewn with tiny emerald flowers that we scored at 50% off and can’t stop stroking, even as we type. This design was produced only in a very small batch, designer Sanjay Garg assured us – so the danger of wearing the same sari as another guest at an event (a very real possibility with the more popular Raw Mango designs) is minimal.

We also found some super useful blouses on a wide rack, some of which can easily double up as shirts and in the case of an inky quilted version, even a waistcoat. There are satin petticoats too, so prettily printed that we couldn’t resist buying one, despite not having a sari to match it with. The sale has bridal and more casual “outfits” too, including a cute ruby red, monkey motif salwar kameez – but the idea of trying garments in that crowd was too daunting for us.

A quiet rack tucked away under a window – we only noticed it as we were leaving – provides an unexpected delight. Stocked with shirts, kurtas and some pants by the lovely menswear brand Ito, it is marked down by 20%. The minimal pieces in navy, white and military green provide a respite from all the flash, the kind of thing you’d change into after returning home from a hectic sangeet, before putting your feet up with close friends and the last drink of the evening - the best part of any wedding.

Getting there: Sale on from August 23 to 25th, 1 Reay House, BEST Marg, Colaba, up to 50% off.

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