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Artist Gunjan Gupta is surrounded by chamchas at her Jaunpur studio in Delhi, and if you take a moment to get to know them, your kitchen will be eternally grateful.

See here a set of four terracotta-coated copper serving chamchas (spoons), one of twenty-one "21st century objects" that make up Ikkis, a polished ode to your grandma's home. For instance, you can peer at your reflection in a slender brass lota (water pot), elongated and re-imagined as a decanter; or dream of Botticelli painting Ikkis' voluptuous jug that in a previous life used to pose as a matka (water pot). Our favourite is the terracotta-coated copper kullar or earthen glass, raised - quite literally - to water goblet status, but the cutting-chai-glass-to-champagne-stem metamorphosis doesn't seem quite as smooth. Best paired with your next awkward date moment.

Other Ikkis pieces that pail in comparison to your regular vessels: the Balti vase; a stacked lunch tiffin box that looks like a matkaChakhla Belan, Chowki and Thaali platters whose designs you can already somewhat envision; and whimsical dinner plates with enameled graphics that capture Indian condiments.

Creative director Gunjan, whose Bicycle Throne you might be familiar with (it is presented by The Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris), is working with a large Indian community of makers to create these 21 products that are meant to "evoke a memory or ritual iconic to India". This collaboration results (mostly) in a sophisticated end product with a strong re-assurance that you are not yet cut off from your past. That there is a big familiar world just going about its business, while you're out drinking lattes and forgetting to call your grandma. 

Ikkis made its debut at Maison&Objet, Paris earlier this year, and is now available to order in India. 

Getting there: Ikkis, call 9820999786, view the Instagram page here, email for a catalog, Rs 1,850 for a set of 4 chai glasses, Rs 5,250 for a brass lota decanter. If you are in Mumbai, you can order via phone or Instagram; Delhi folks can visit the Jaunpur studio by appointment.

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