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Discovered first by bpb back in the summer of 2013, the Patkar Bungalow at Bandra was old – like 1920s old – but it hadn’t been introduced to you yet.

Now it’s 2018, and you’ve probably been a bunch of times to this colonial bungalow that hosts some of the city’s best shopping pop-ups in its back yard.

Just recently we scored a Pero overcoat the colour of blue ink; besides shopping for our favourite brands – Untitled Co., Runaway Bicycle, Kishmish - you and I have also discovered new ones here – Crow, Anuj Bhutani - and there in lies the magic of The Vintage Garden. Founder Aarti Patkar, whose great grandfather built the house, clearly is a master curator, and this differentiates The Vintage Garden’s pop-ups from many others. “If I feel like I am willing to buy a product from the designer (either for myself or as a gift for someone) only then will I invite them to participate,” Aarti says. Great filter! The point of The Vintage Garden has also been to give new designers a voice, visibility and a platform.

For the uninitiated, the Patkar bungalow provides 2,000 square feet of outdoor area, plus three indoor rooms, teak wooden staircase and mosaic patterned flooring, all shaded by badam and mango trees. Leaf stricken!

Often, there’s music and food too, which makes it a great weekend destination.

The 5 Year Party: What To Expect This Year

A great reason to re-visit our Vintage Garden discovery is because the venue completes five years this summer. Their social calendar is packed, which means yours is too, and here’s a quick glimpse at what’s happening this weekend (check back for more event updates).

January 20 and 21, 2018: Grab a cub of Blue Tokai coffee (set up at The Vintage Garden this weekend) and wander around stalls where dresses and equally chic bread loaves will call out your name. Imagine a fashion, beauty and gourmet food collective featuring brands like Runaway Bicycle, Untitled Co., Two Fold, Doodlage, Mag Street Bread Co., Floored, Scarlet Sage, Shuddhi Therapy and more.

Getting there: The Vintage Garden at the Patkar Bungalow, 34 D Turner Road, Bandra (W), call 26402004, view the Facebook page here.

***This post is sponsored by The Vintage Garden***

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