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In today’s #QuestionsWithCraftyKids series, we put the spotlight on NIFT graduate & accessory designer Devi, who sells the loveliest paper jewellery on Etsy. What drives her? What’s her ultimate craft fantasy? How will your birthday party invites turn into earrings? Find out below:

 1. Tell us about your brand in one line. 
Paper Melon is an exciting, sustainable paper jewellery brand. 

2. Why are you the last person to leave parties and weddings?
I’m a scavenger at weddings and birthday parties – I gather up paper decorations, return gift bags, discarded invites and gift wraps to craft my jewellery and then apply lacquer to make them water resistant. I also use glossy magazines and newspapers, and collect recycled paper when I travel. 

3. While making your jewellery you…
During production mode, I love watching old Malyalam moves that I have watched a million times before. They’re comforting yet not distracting. The film Kilukkam gives my and my process good vibes.

4. Your favourite Etsy shop is...
Art Mind, a Belgian brand by Mitsy that does gorgeous ceramics. Definitely check out her beautiful 101 Feelings project. 

5. Your ultimate craft fantasy is... 
A sun dappled craft studio tricked out with all kinds of craft stations and reams of recycled paper. Right now I work off of my dining table.  

6. What’s your favourite thing about selling on Etsy?
I get to interact with customers and sellers from across the world; I currently ship to 25 countries including Egypt and Cypress. 

Getting there: Seek inspiration from Devi and start your own Etsy store- fill out this super simple registration form to get started and forward this to all your Maker friends.

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