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Etsy launches in India, we scour their market to find our favourite Indian sellers in this two-month series called Meet the Maker. PS: sign up using this super, simple registration form to start your own Etsy shop.

Hello, Maker: Dithi

Brand: Studio Anahata, hand-paintedimages of Goddesses. bpb loves: The mini Durga print. 

What she loves about selling on Etsy: The handheld, creative feel of the Etsy community, a sort of antithesis to other commercial platforms online. 

Artist Dithi is truly #blessed.
When the former clinical nutritionist moved to Switzerland in 2007, she was struck with a severe homesickness. The ache for Kolkata, its culture and colours, had Dithi reaching for the tube of red paint and making watercoloursof Goddesses. 

“Art supplies were pricey in Switzerland and so I started selling these very early on through Etsy,” Dithi tells us, highlighting how the platform empowers artists. In 2011, she started training formally under a senior printmakerin Kolkata, very close to the Kalighat temple. This means that more Kali imagery –the Goddess and her favourite flower the red hibiscus- started to flowinto her work. 

The result is striking works of art inspired “consciously or subconsciously” by the Bengal School of Art and masters like Jamini Roy. “I am also drawn to the works of Frida Kahlo and Gauguin," she says. 

When she’s not painting, you will find Dithi in a yoga pose or deep in meditation, and so it’s no coincidence, that her works will fill you with a sense of calm. Her mini paintings of Goddess Lakshmi or Durga make for ever-green gifts, but will prove particularly propitious for Diwali. 

Good luck this season!  

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