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At this Friday’s craft party, let’s play pin the tale on Perpetual Gomes. There is a story behind each of the adorable pins she makes – shaped like origami hearts, unicorns, kimono-clad women – and sells on Etsy as Pepzart. Here’s a quick way to earn her badge of honour. 

PS: If you’re into DIY and selling from home, jump on to the Etsy India bandwagon, by filling out this simple form to start your own Etsy store.

Q. Explain your brand in one line. 

A. A blend of cute and whimsical design enamel brooches.


Q. Why enamel pins?

A. I've designed a lot of art products in the past, of which enamel pins are the cutest and most expressive. It can be both, a collector’s item (there is a big pin community!) or something you accessorise you jackets or tote bags with.  I personally collect pins from various artists and that's what inspired me to start my own line. 


Q. If you could create a slogan pin that reflects the times we live in, what would it say and what would it look like?

A. It would be designed as an hourglass made with roses and have this message: Beauty and time fades away. 


Q. The pin that's closest to your heart and why?

 A. Hearticorn or the unicorn heart is the first design I started my pin business with and everyone adored it in the pin community. 


Q. What's next on your design drawing board?

A. Stay tuned for the Christmas pins to be released in the coming week. 


Q. What red carpet event would you like to see your pins at? 

A. I would love to see Ed Sheeran wear my origami heart pin at The Grammy Awards red carpet.  


Q. Word of advice for makers who don't have an Etsy shop yet. 

A. If you're looking to scale and grow your brand, Etsy is the right marketplace. So don't sleep on it. 


Getting there:Seek inspiration from Perpetual and start your own Etsy store- fill out this super simple registration form to get started and forward this to all your Maker friends.

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