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As Etsy launches in India, we scour their market to find our favourite Indian sellers in this two-month series called Meet the Maker. PS: sign up using this super, simple registration form to start your own Etsy shop.


Hello, Makers: Tapan Agarwal & Lipee Patel

Brand:Brownfolds, urban lifestyle products made from recycled paper. 

bpb Loves: black origami clutch

What They Love About Selling On Etsy:The ease of doing business. 

We need more lifestyle brands like Brownfolds – a label based on the re-use, reduce, recycle ideology. 

Founded in 2014 by two design enthusiasts, Tapan Agarwal & Lipee Patel, Brownfolds creates urban lifestyle products out of recycled paper.

Inspired by origami, they worked and experimented with various folding techniques to create functional objects for daily use, including seriously cool Mac Book sleeves (check out the one with the whale); paper lights; elegant origami lamps and clutch bags guaranteed to make you the life of the party.

If you make interesting things - these can be vintage, handicrafts, clothes, designs or even craft supplies - get in touch with Etsy to create your own shop; details here.

“What makes Brownfolds' products special, is the creative home-trained team of differently abled people that helps them turn ideas to actual products. Brownfolds aims at providing vocational training to the physically challenged and helping them seek an independent and a sustainable livelihood,” Tapan tells us. 

Mani-fold reasons to shop Brownfolds!

Getting there: Seek inspiration from Tapan and Lipee and start your own Etsy store- fill out this super simple registration form to get started and forward this to all your Maker friends. 

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