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As Etsy launches in India, we scour their market to find our favourite Indian sellers in this two-month series called Meet the Maker. PS: sign up using this super, simple registration form to start your own Etsy shop.


Hello, Maker: Niharika Rajput from Delhi.

Brand: PaperChirrups, bird sculptures. bpb Loves: Lilac breasted Roller Bird that can also be used as a Christmas ornament.  

What She Loves About Selling On Etsy: Being part of a community that understands the value of “handmade”. 

As far as wing men go, Niharika Rajput is the one you want to be out and about with. Say hello, and she’ll hook you up with gorgeous handmade bird sculptures, the kind that will make your heart flutter. 

Niharika is a wild life artist and bird conservationist, who is hosting a bird festival in Ladakh as we speak. While she has her binoculars trained for the black-necked crane, you can seek out less elusive but equally spectacular creatures on her Etsy shop, Paper Chirrups. Niharika learned the art of making paper sculptures at Delhi’s People Tree (yes, the same defeaters of Dior), after which she perfected the craft herself over the years. 

Each model is painstakingly put together over two weeks. First, a clay body is created, after which each feather is handmade with paper, painted and stuck on. The result is extremely life-like blue breasted kingfishers and adorable barn owls, fixed inside glass domes. A great addition to your mantle piece and the smaller hanging birds that double up as Christmas ornaments, make for the chirpiest gifts. 

“In the next phase of my work, I hope to add kinetic energy to each bird. Not sure how yet, but I’m working on it.” 

Another feather in her cap! 

Getting there: Seek inspiration from Niharika and start your own Etsy store- fill out this super simple registration form to get started and forward this to all your Maker friends.

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