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Amongst our best buys this summer is a pair of emerald green bloomer shorts, part Moulin Rouge and part our mum’s old sari, cut from slippery satin, shot through with gold, and found inside a dim cupboard at Teatro Dhora, the Jaipur store that opened in Bandra last week.
Occupying a warren of rooms right by the Bagel Shop, Dhora is a nice, earthy counterpart to the often garish Atosa across the street. However, the store would benefit greatly from a tighter edit; there is only so much floaty-cotton-khadi you can look at without your vision clouding over.
But look you should, because sandwiched between banal baby doll dresses and tent-like kurtas are a batch of special pieces by Swoon, livened up with delicate lace insets and slender spaghetti straps. Bring these to the beach, alongside the above-mentioned shorts, which come in fun silk prints; and pastel coloured dresses along one wall, sewn with old fashioned flowers.  
We also found a bunch of what a friend calls “snax” – little things that will quench your shopping urge without breaking the bank. Comb through the eye - rollingly junky beaded jewellery and mountains of scarves and you’ll find silk pocket squares for men in happy colours; a trio of popsicle-shaped paperweights; and vegan leather tote bags by Rabbit moon.
Speaking of snacks, Dhora offers the real kind too, wheat and cardamom cookies in old fashioned tin boxes and the prettiest sharbat bottles. Mixed into a frosty batch of gin, or sitting as they are here in a patch of sunlight, you can’t help but smile at their pop of colour.
Getting there: Teatro Dhora, No 30, Pali Hill, next to Bagel Shop, Bandra (West), Rs 2,500 for silk shorts.

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