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Make enough rounds of the Sunday Farmers Markets, and you'll find yourself falling through a Wonderland-esque hole reading about all-things-natural on the internet. This is how I discovered the natural, non-toxic personal and home-care brand Common Oxen, based in Bangalore. It’s only gone well. The products I've tried have been great, and they’re committed to doing well for both you, and the planet. Their packaging and branding is ace, and the communication on their website feels honest and straightforward. They explain the terminology they use, to avoid ‘green washing’ which is where you’re led to believe a product is greener than it is.  
I first tried Do The Birdy Dance, their all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant made with ingredients you can pronounce. I love the way the citrus one smells - a mix of gender-neutral orange, cedar wood and ylang ylang. More importantly, it holds up through a whole day of work and meetings, even an hour-long yoga session. The fragrance fades over the course of the day, but that's about it. A couple things to know is that it's not an antiperspirant, so you might get a little sweaty, and also that it comes in a cream form, which you swipe with your fingers. That can get a tad annoying, but not prohibitively so. The packaging and branding is ace, and the deodorant name 'Do The Birdy Dance' is just about on the right side of funny. My only concern - a couple of friends (not all) have just said that it's darkened their underarm skin, so perhaps pay a little attention to yours. 
Bar Bar, their natural dish and laundry soap has worked with my dishes, and lathers well enough for the assurance that my polka-dotted dinner plates are getting clean. I liked their bath soaps enough, but I’m most looking forward to trying my most recent purchases, their natural dish wash gel in orange and lime (which smells lovely), and Swish Wash, their safe laundry powder. Fingers crossed. 

Getting there: Common Oxen can be ordered online through their website. Their minimum product order is Rs. 500.

Neysa Mendes is the founder of @goodslice.

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