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Farewell to Arms may be a fitting title to this bye-bye-Bungalow-Eight piece, bearing in mind that our first purchase at the store was an actual clay arm (hand attached), that still sits on our bookshelf, probably high five-ing Margaret Atwood when no one is looking.

Cat’s Eyes, Crucibles, and a jumble of oddities, clothes and chairs and charms have gained this lifestyle store a cult following since it opened in 2003, at founder Maithili Ahluwalia’s Carmichael Road bungalow. It journeyed to a three-storey Colaba space with see through floors and then to its current location, hidden deep inside Wankhede Stadium. All this month, until the store shuts, you can shop for furniture, lights, garments and jewellery, at 15 or 50% off, depending on what you pick; calling out our name was a rainbow-coloured Injiri dress, a gleaming art deco light and an oddly-shaped green suede chair.

While this may be the end, it’s also the beginning of what you can do with this exciting Wankhede plot, some times sound-tracked by applause from The Sachin Tendulkar stand that sits above it. Maithili will start renting it out as a gallery space soon, perfect for your next pop-up, party or art show. “This is a good blank canvas. Chameleon-like, this space can easily morph into anything,” Maithili says.

How’s that for a match-fixing opportunity?

Getting there: Bungalow Eight, Wankhede Stadium under Sachin Tendulkar Stand, E & F Block, D Road, Churchgate, call 22819880, sale ends and store shuts at the end of this month. Email for booking inquiries.

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