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Here's a little bit of shelf help for 2019: Swedish furniture giant Ikea is all set to build its first Mumbai home at Kamala Mills, second in India after its 400,000 square feet store in Hyderabad.

The news comes to us via our favourite (and super reliable) bpb insider, and is corroborated by a network of worker bees at Kamala Mills. However, the news hasn't been confirmed by the Ikea India team; bpb reached out to them last week.

At the mill, we're told that Ikea is set to take over the space occupied by a series of just-shuttered restaurants, including Lady Baga and Grandmama's Cafe. A source tells us that they are waiting for a few other eateries to vacate their premises by March 31, following which work on the new Ikea space will begin. Stay tuned for more details.

And finally, according to this Business Today story, Ikea also plans to launch e-commerce in Mumbai this summer. By all means, March in!

Getting there: Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, set to open in the summer of 2019.

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