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Moms, of all the super heroes you know, Mighty Melties will be your favourite. Trust us.

It’s a pack of freeze-dried pure fruit blends, made entirely of Strawberry-Banana, Mango-Banana and launched on April 15, a yummy Blueberry-Apple. It’s nourishing and nice, which means your kids will reach for it before you can. Make sure it’s stored on the bottom shelf.

This power-packed snack comes to us from The Mumum Company, a Mom & Mom shop started by Farah and Shreya. The duo was amazed at the lack of healthy snacking options for their children, and this compelled them to start a healthy snacking brand that helps your kids too. Besides selling their own brand, Shreya and Farah’s main mission is to educate consumers, with a focus on reading labels. Obvious as it may sound, many people skip it, so here’s a their quick 3 step routine while grocery shopping:

Step 1: It’s really that simple! Don’t take the brand’s word for it – turn the pack and see what goes into this so-called ‘natural & healthy' snacks.

Step 2: Added sugar is a big NO; we tend to ignore the amount of sugar packaged goods contain specially when it's targeted towards kids.

Step 3: And always choose the options with NO preservatives.

The Mother Chip

Got it? Good. Now here’s what you need to know about The Mumum Company: these ready-to-eat packaged snacks are 100% natural, 100% fruit, vegetable and grain based, and 100% adorably wrapped. They contain no added sugar, preservatives, or concentrates, and wheat haters can rest easy knowing that 6 out of 8 of these snacks are gluten free! “Just real food in a bag,” as Shreya and Farah put it. Read the labels if you don’t believe them.

In fact, these have already been vetted by some of the finest schools in the city, like American School and Oberoi International, which serve The Mumum Company snacks in their cafeterias. Saved by the belles.

Meet The Minions

Besides Mighty Melties, The Mumum Company also makes and sells Super Sprinkles roasted multi-grain puffs in Strawberry-Banana  and Mango-Banana flavours; as well as Cool Crunchies, corn, jowar, ragi, star shaped puffs in varieties of Beetroot or Strawberry-Banana or Cheese Tomato. Since each snack pack has a shelf life of 6 to 12 months, they are also super convenient to carry when you’re carting your kids on vacations across the world.

Farah and Shreya strive to make The Mumum Company a clean, honest brand, that enables you to shop smart. “The Mumum Co.'s ingredients are easy to read and easier to eat!”

Now here’s the best part: these wholesome snacks may be created specially for kids, but we eat them too, as do many other grown ups. They’re star-shaped and good for you too!

Getting there: You can shop on, and online at Amazon, Big Basket, FirstCry, BabyChakra and My Baby Babbles. Also available at over 75 modern trade stores across Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune including Natures Basket, Foodhall, Dorabjees, Modern Bazaar, QMart, Haiko and over 100 General Trade stores spread across the country.

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