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You've made your bed, now lie in it. And while you think about what you've done, make sure you're resting against an Eternal Whites bed set. Made in the colour of milk, and mimicking the softness of a bear hug, these sheets and pillow cases will rob you of your stress, offering a good, no great night's sleep, the kind that you really deserve.

Eternal Whites is a sister company of FLC Hospitality, a fine linen company that for decades has supplied leading five star hotel chains with luxe, white bed and bath  linens. Twenty-four year old Co-founder Khyati Doshi describes it as "a minimal lifestyle brand in an undying relationship with whites".

Khyati, who studied in Milan for two years, attempts to stitch together the Indian and European aesthetic, while creating designs for cozy comforters made from 300 thread count sateen; and white sheets and pillow cases with olive, black or beige piping crafted using 100% long staple cotton. We slept like babies in our queen size bed set.

Beyond The Bed: A White Shirt Capsule

More recently though, Eternal Whites, even if just for a moment, took a quick trip to Cinque Terre, returning with inspiration for the Manarola quilted bed sheets in shades  of Canyon clay, Emerald Sea, Charcoal Grey and of course, Eternal White.

And outside of bed territory, Eternal Whites is happy to report that they've been working on a capsule collection of pure Egyptian cotton white shirts - Trace - designed in collaboration with Milan designer Gabriela Angelova. The designs are minimal, but a  playful placement of buttons and pockets, give these shirts just the right amount of  edge. See for instance, the In-Between shirt awarded with a giant pocket or the lovely Vintage half sleeved one that will remind you of school without the sigh of homework.

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Getting there: To order, call +919920166021, or DM them on Instagram @eternalwhites.

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