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Like a stormy sky veined with lightning, a black-silver bikini flashes before us, making us want to swim despite its weather forecast. We put it on to discover that all things tempestuous can be tied up with a bow, and in this case, cinched at the waist.
Tinsely and taut, we stand in a grey bungalow in Colaba, home to new lifestyle store Clove that services all kinds of MET department predictions. They have sets of cotton pyjamas for balmy Bombay nights; vintage lockets for when summer has left you bereft; and red dresses as attention-seeking as SOS flares.
The lady of this manor is Samyukta Nair, one of Leela Hotel’s heiresses and founder of London’s Jamavar restaurant that just gained a Michelin star.  

They have sets of cotton pyjamas for balmy Bombay nights; vintage lockets for when summer has left you bereft; and red dresses as attention-seeking as SOS flares.

Drift from room to room at Clove to discover Samyukta’s “favourite things”, which translates into mini edits of jewellery, clothes and home items that take you one step closer to making up your mind.
Take The Bleed
The single rack of men and women’s wear packs in several covetable pieces.  Along with established labels like Dhruv Kapoor and Shift (Men), we’re excited to see that Delhi’s Shenali Sema (Untitled Co.) finally has a home in Bombay; look for a dreamy biscuit coloured maxi. Itr by Khyati Pandey offers pretty tops sprayed with daisies, attached with gauzy belle sleeves and super reasonable price tags. Brands like Aish, Kardo and Lacquer Embassy are also available here.
The jewellery cupboard at Clove is as small as yours back home, starring gold hoops and other loops by Misho and vintage finds from Viange, including black and gold Chanel earrings that channel the 80s and a romantic YSL heart locket that is also a brooch. Snoozing in the next room are cloud-comfy pyjama sets and night shirts in gay prints, from Samyukta’s own sleep wear label, Dandelion.
Come Home, Already
Clove’s recommendations for your home are mostly quiet – linen in hushed tones by Shift and Anavila; Claymen’s objects; a wooden juicer so cute, it’s the only reason we’ll go out and buy oranges; and Bare Neccessities’ unnecessary but fun bamboo toothbrushes and organic surface cleaners with champagne corks. Samyukta’s background in hospitality is best put to use in the great stemware section, a rarity in Mumbai home stores, and her ability to display mix-and-match table settings using ceramics from Ikka Dukka, Suite No 8 and Rayden. In this gathering of elegant glasses with starburst patterns and swan-like decanters, a few pieces of black and silver kitchenware seem jarring and out of place.
We don’t care much for the craft corner or the rack of scarves either, and Fiona Caulfield’s city guidebooks feel more vintage than Viange, but we suppose you could think of it as Colaba tourist bait.
There’s a lot to like and buy at Clove, and perhaps our favourite thing about this store is that it was born quietly. What could easily have been another obnoxious celebrity opening party, was instead just day one at the store with champagne flutes being handed out to girls who wanted to take on storms.
Getting there: 2 Churchill Chambers, Allana Road, Colaba, in the lane opposite Starbucks, call 8291312522 / 22021470, approximately Rs 4,000 for a Itr top, Rs 8,000 for a bikini.

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