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Half a human brain, a quarter of watermelon, a slice of lemon: no matter what fruits and frontal lobes lie in your refrigerator from last night, you’ll need today’s bpb recommendation to keep them fresh.

High in the hills, 8 kms from Kodaikanal in a village called Shenbaganur "where hoopoes visit", Priyashri Mani and Nishita Vasanth make beeswax wraps, a sustainable, chic alternative to cling film in the kitchen.

Their company Hoopoe On A Hill, sources beeswax from local hunters and gatherers who also scale up trees to fetch these ladies some wild honey, which they started bottling and selling four years ago.

The wraps are new though, and they're making these missies in the mountains all kinds of excited. If you've never held a beeswax wrap before, Priyashri asks you to imagine a sturdier version of wax paper. But they're really a sort of organic cotton fabric coated in natural beeswax that contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making them ideal for food storage. "They're reusable, biodegradable, cute (see cat prints) and they don't steal the smell of what they're wrapped in – even an onion!"

Patterns on the wraps are reminiscent of Anokhi's block prints, as well as a well-limned clowder of cats and tangerine coloured sea creatures. Each pack of three for Rs 390, is available in large (to store a pumpkin); medium (to store a casserole or your sandwich) and small (to store lemons, onions, dry fruits and dreams that refuse to grow big).

Getting there: Shop at, they ship all over the country, Rs 390 for a pack of 3. Note: If you are a DIY kind of boy or girl, this Hoopoe sells pure beeswax bars as well.

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