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When Aishwarya Nair puts Anjelica Huston, Amy Winehouse and Cher in a muse line-up, her own long hair; Avant-garde leanings and anthology of Margot Tenenbaum moods start to make sense.

She flits between her life in Mumbai and Singapore, between jobs that involve being wine director at her family owned Leela Hotel; running health food label AMAI; and recently, designing clothes for what she hopes will be more than just a clothes label.

We stocked Aishwarya’s brand, Aligne at our just-concluded #OneAmazingThingShop, offering in December a visual relief from glitter and gauze, for these are “pieces you can own and wear for at least five years.” The brand’s first capsule is a prêt series of black, white and nude basics with bits of fun – white shirts that slip off one shoulder, black shirt dresses with tux tails and button down shirts with uneven endings. There are also garments that have no quirk at all, like the black and white slips that feel breezy but are a bit steep, and our favourite of the collection, a crepe black top (also available in nude) that will go with everything.

“The idea is to create a great made-in-India product and an alternative to shopping at Zara,” Aishwarya says.

Once Aligne has introduced you to these elemental basics, it promises to, for volumes two and three, present bursts of colour and even animal prints, and eventually morph into a brand that services a full ecosystem - “a lifestyle label for your heart, mind, soul and wardrobe”.

“It will serve as an ecosystem that will sell women blouses and black dresses, but also charged crystals and mist sprays to elevate their mood.”

We’re thinking 70s mood rings, Margot Tenenbaum faux fur coats and a whole lot of hair extensions for 2019.

Getting there: Visit, Rs 9,000 for a one shoulder top.

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