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It's fitting that we end bpb x Etsy's #QuestionsWithCraftyKids series with a Christmas special. Come, meet scientist-turned-paper-craft expert Parul Gupta, from Paper Candies under the mistletoe. Peck of three?

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Q. Parul, tell us about your shop, Paper Candies.
A. I make paper craft which includes everything from gift tags and treat boxes to cake toppers and party decorations.

Q. Sweet! What made you quit being a scientist?
A. My love for paper and the constant urge to create beautiful handmade products.

Q. What makes your store different from the million other stationery shops on Etsy?
A. I never take the easy route. My work is super detailed and laborious.

Q. What Christmas product would you pick from your store and who would you gift it to?
A. I would gift my Xmas treat boxes to ***.

Q. What do you want for Christmas?
A. More orders on Etsy!

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