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It is indeed a strange day when your morning hour is bookended by an anti-natalist and a woman who crafts clothes for babies. Right after – by pure coincidence - reading about a Mumbai gentleman who is suing his lawyer parents for giving birth to him without his consent, we walked into Born, a new Bandra store that makes beautiful things for babies and kids.

Our brains are as cloudy as the organic cotton, palm-sized frock before us, but Elodie Le Derf Awchat snaps us out of our reverie, making a case for having children and “dressing them responsibly”. The Parisienne-Mumbaikar featured on bpb before, for crafting the most delicate white bridal gowns. Now, in partnership with Antonia Achache and Jeremie Sabbagh who co-own Suzette and Kitchen Garden down the street, Elodie is spending all her waking hours sketching designs, creating embroideries and making sure the French seams are as neat as they should be. She previously founded Les Fées De Bengale - a Parisian brand with five stores in Paris, and featured regularly in publications like Vogue, France and Madame Figaro.

“Since I am come from a couture background, I am very fussy about details,” Elodie says, pointing out those seams, little decorative stitches on the shoulders and the insides of pant pockets that are lined with stars. “The idea is to keep designs simple, and not make clothes that look like they are for mini adults.”

Just Kids

The inside of the store is really quite beautiful, as plumed white lamps from Paris rise above peppermint drawers from Chor Bazaar, an aesthetic that is spied across the board. “A Paris aesthetic, but 100% made in India,” Elodie smiles.

In the first room, shelves stock clothes for 3 month-olds to 8 year-olds and range from jungle print jumpers to maxi dresses printed with the kind of V-shaped crows you drew when you were five. Also see elephant coloured corduroy pants, pure white kurta shirts, solid coloured garments inspired by Rajasthan’s peeling walls, and look out for hand embroidered dresses that are coming soon.

Next, take the stairs to a mezzanine section where you can shop floor cushions (also perfectly fit for a grown-up house), and soon you will be able to pop in and buy for your kids, sleeping bags, pajamas, track suits and even wallpaper bearing Elodie’s illustrations - tutu-wearing antelopes and those V birds that flew by earlier in the story.

Meanwhile this room - a tent, a bowl of candy, crushed paper balloons and a shelf full of books - seems all ready to welcome a flock of kids and a downy pillow fight. The question is, are you?

Getting there: Born, Shop no 2, Gaspar Enclave, Pali Naka, a few doors down from Pali Bhavan, Bandra (W), Rs 1,500 for an organic cotton tee.

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