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When Mrs Khorshed Bhathena tells us about her life aquatic, we think of the loneliest whale who swims alone at sea, whose 52-hertz frequency cannot be picked up other whales.

When Mrs Bhathena wanted to learn how to swim in the 1950s, she couldn’t gain membership to any city swimming pool. What did she do? She threw herself into the sea – seriously - and taught herself how to swim. Later, strokes were refined by one Mr Bhathena, Willingdon Club swim coach who also became her life buoy and husband. Mrs Bhathena went on to win many accolades for open sea swimming, and swam 15 hours without stopping from Dharamtar to Gateway of India.

Today she’s 82 and won’t just dive into the deep end, but she’s still a private swimming instructor at plush South Bombay high rise buildings’ pools including Godrej Planet, Grand Paradi, The Imperial, Darshan Apartments and also teaches at Breach Candy Club. A friend of ours swears by Mrs Bhathena's coaching skills, as do her kids and mother. “I’ve kept three generations of South Bombay from going under,” she tells us. When a member of her family comes to the phone and reveals that Mrs Bhathena’s middle name is ‘naval’, we smile at the coincidence and give this captain the salute she deserves.

Note: Mrs Bhathena is unwell this week, so if you're interested in hiring her as a coach, she requests that you call her at the end of the month. 

Getting there: Call 9870109382 to hire Mrs Bhathena as your private swim coach. 

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