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“Go ahead, put your hands in there,” a lady said to us, dressed sharply in black with a curt red scarf around her neck, an accessory that gave her the air of a flight attendant. The gaping jaws waiting for our hands looked like a cross between a sandwich toaster and a mini oven, which explained our fingers not wanting the fate of Sylvia Plath’s head.

But we insisted and our hands conceded, only to be treated to a fan of warm air that dried our nail paint instantly. Belle Jar?

Tip Box

This was part of our experience at Tip & Toe, a new “Nail Club” at Pali Hill, Bandra. Club indeed, we thought, our glances skidding across its smooth and shiny surfaces, house music tricking our ears into thinking it’s Saturday night. The space that formerly housed the Shivan and Narresh store  - bathing soot? – now has a row of big black chairs, granite foot soaking vats, rows of coloured nail polish and embellished nail extensions that we just couldn’t stomach.

The menu, as expected, started out with regular manicures and pedicures, (starting at Rs 525 and Rs 800) and went on to hand and foot treatments that piled on fancy ingredients like chocolate and slightly fetish-y ones like candle wax.

Lacquer of Time

Considering the patent leather Mary Janes that this Scouter was wearing – competing with the granite for shine – we decided to skip the pedicure and get a manicure with some glittery lacquer thrown in for holiday cheer.  The procedure was elaborate but without unnecessary rituals, and the nail attendant was super efficient and non-chatty. The cleaning, buffing, oiling and polishing rituals ended with the abovementioned hand oven.

We’d return to Tip & Toe, yes, not for one of the frilly services, but a regular mani-pedi that was quick and well done. On our way out, we spotted a Bandra celebrity wife fixing two broken nails. Considering its location, we’re not surprised, and expect to catch more drama at this talon management agency soon.

Getting there: Tip & Toe, shop no 3 & 4, plot B, Neptune Housing Society, Nargis Dutt Road, Pali Hill, Bandra (W), call 26056644, Rs 525 for a manicure.

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