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An idea born in a park is the best kind of idea – fertile, freshly watered and favoured in the midst of ladybugs.

That’s pretty much how Kokomo came about, a new choir in Bandra that started when a group of residents were brainstorming about how to make the city’s gardens more accessible. They’d often sing in the park with Dutch singer and choir conductor Tristan K leading the pack, and this soon turned into a regular deal called Kokomo.

True or Falsetto

The Kokomo choir believes that Bombay can be a very lonely place. “Singing is a good community building exercise, a great way to break the ice, to get off your phone and look someone in the eye, to breathe and function together.” You don’t have to be a professional singer to join, but you do have to be able to “keep a melody and have musical inclinations”.
Tristan who also put together a choir in Holland eight years ago – they’ve performed at international music festivals in tandem with electronic DJs – has Kokomo singing everything from Madonna and Depeche Mode to Russian folk songs and Carnatic music arranged in a cohesive way, so as to not appear awkward and random.

After their first performance in Bombay, Kokomo is now looking for a new batch of singers. They have an open rehearsal this Thursday, October 3, at Furtado’s School of Music, Bandra. “Join in and sing with us. If you don’t love it, leave; if you want to stay, return for auditions on October 10,” the Kokomo crew tells is.

Get there fast and then they’ll take it slow.

Getting there: Kokomo choir, open rehearsal (October 3) and auditions (October 10) at Furtado’s Schhol of Music, Union Park, Khar (W), call 9967434144.

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